The unpredictability of life

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In addition to enjoying all that life has to offer, we want to be better prepared for the unexpected.

By Roni Bell, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

If there’s something we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that life can be very unpredictable. And it’s that unpredictability that has most people in goal-setting mode right now. In addition to enjoying all that life has to offer, we want to be better prepared for the unexpected.

Because life has shown us that we don’t always have time, getting our affairs in order is a crucial step as we continue into the New Year. Life insurance should be one of those important steps.

Most people are surprised to learn that life insurance can be very affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the coverage you need. Life insurance can be the difference between your loved ones navigating your passing without the stress the loss of your income represents and being able to focus on their emotional state without the added burden.

But life’s unpredictability isn’t limited to loss of life. Sometimes the loss of a job can be an unexpected blow, or an injury happens that prevents a person from working. Disability insurance may also be an important addition to your personal preparedness portfolio. And there are options to help you continue your healthcare coverage should you lose your job.

The unpredictable nature of life makes it more important than ever before to find coverage that fits your needs. You can schedule a complimentary review with me to explore a variety of insurance options at no cost to you. Give me a call, anytime.

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