There’s more to a healthier, greener lawn than just having fertilizer applied

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AFTER: Right now, it’s crucial to prepare for the start of spring by getting on the EverGreen Turf Solutions’ schedule—before weeds, crabgrass and other lawn invasives have a chance to take root.

By Beth Newcomb

Correy Petz, owner of EverGreen Turf Solutions, says a lot of the people who decide to forgo the box company fertilization model in favor of his passionate, personalized, locally owned approach do so for a number of different reasons. Here’s what you need to know about proper fertilization—before the weeds, crabgrass and other lawn invasives have a chance to take root and prosper in your lawn.

Saving Money
“We price appropriately, taking the size of your lawn and your location into consideration. And we use the right amount and right type of product,” Correy says. “We know people price shop, but it’s important to know that price isn’t the only factor to consider. If you aren’t getting a quality application, you’re just throwing your money away. We don’t cut corners just to be cheaper.”

Correy says having the right type and amount of fertilizer applied to your lawn saves money in the long run. “Instead of paying for applications that don’t produce results, we offer a greater value by getting it right the first time,” he says.


Saving Time
“You can’t put a price on time. It’s invaluable,” Correy says. “It’s a drag to have to call your fertilization company to report that you still have weeds, which is one of the main reasons people call us, instead. Proper fertilization times are critical to ensure your lawn stays weed free for the entire growing season, and into the winter months.”

The first fertilization application sets the stage, so now is the time to give EverGreen Turf Solutions a call to secure a spot in one of its fertilization programs. That way, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your yard during the warm-weather months, without having to spend the time calling your fertilization company back to report a problem.

Correy Petz (left), owner of EverGreen Turf Solutions, his wife, Sarah, and their children, Jackson and Logan, live in Medina, which is where his thriving lawncare company is based

Exceptional Customer Service
“People are our number one priority,” Correy stresses. “If there is a question, we’re here to answer your call. We make appropriate recommendations to fix and improve your lawn. We’ll give you a personal diagnosis, and then treat accordingly.”

And Correy says there’s never any high-pressure sales gimmicks. “That’s not how we operate,” he says. “My family and I live in Medina. I grew up in Strongsville and my wife, Sarah, grew up in Brunswick. I’m usually here in the office until 6 or 7 at night. I’m genuinely invested in the process and my team and I care very much about the outcome.”

“Fertilization isn’t rocket science,” he says. “But in this business, I’ve found that our friendly, knowledgeable, personable service really stands out. Our guys come in logoed shirts and lettered trucks, just like the box-store-type companies do. But that’s where the similarities end.”

Apply Appropriately
“We have the professional equipment necessary to apply a fertilizer blend specific to the needs of your lawn. We apply the right stuff at the right time,” Correy says. “And the best approach is to apply five to six times during the season.”

“We’ve been in business for 12 years, so our knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed,” he insists. “We’re experts at this, and we help to educate our customers on what will work for their particular lawncare needs.”

In the Community
“Some people feel that going with a big commercial company eliminates any risks, but we provide a higher level of security—and more,” he shares. “Our hearts are in this. It’s our livelihood and we care passionately about the service we provide.”

Headquartered in Medina, EverGreen Turf Solutions creates lush lawns all over Medina, Summit and Cuyahoga Counties. For more information and an instant quote, call 330-662-0123 or visit Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EverGreen offers a money-saving fertilization program that lasts all season and ranges from four to six applications.