Thinking of selling your home in 2022? Here’s how to start smart with the Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate

Chodaczek Team Rev
The Chodaczek Team includes (L-R) Jackie Walls, Jessica Chodaczek, Quinn Johnston, and unlicensed assistant Christine Peterson. Their exclusive Living Well Guide takes the mystery out of home buying and selling and removes the stress involved with the process. (Photo: Brooklyn Media)

By Mary Malik

The first step in making any big decision is to gather the facts and enlist the help of an expert when necessary. If one of those decisions for 2022 is whether or not to sell your home, the experts at The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate in Medina will help you with the first, second...and every step along the way.

“The Living Well Guide is our exclusive guide to home buying and selling and removes the stress involved with the process,” explains Jessica Chodaczek. “The first question for people is often ‘Where do I start?’ Our guide provides a clear path for what to do and exactly when to do it.”

The first thing you’ll do is meet with Jessica and her team who will discover your specific wants and needs in a new home and help you prepare your current home for sale.

“This is a casual, informational meeting,” Jessica says. “Whether you’re interested in buying or selling soon or down the road, we’ll layout every step so you’re prepared to take advantage of this great market.”

The Chodaczek Team works with a lot of families and professionals—busy people with busy lives.

“Our job is to help you make the right decisions for you and your family,” Jessica assures. “We outline the big picture, take the stress away, and lead you directly to your dream home.”

The Chodaczek Team also specializes in helping you get your current home prepared to sell. From dumpsters and landscapers to painters and electricians, they have all of the connections you’ll need.

“We determine what needs to be done and, more importantly, what doesn’t, to prep your home for sale,” Jessica adds. “Often clients think they need to make major changes, but we won’t let you spend money on things that won’t increase the value of your home or attract buyers.”

For more information on The Chodaczek Team follow them on Facebook at JChodaczekRealtor, Instagram at or call or text Jessica at 216-407-8896.