Two ways to protect your home and gutter system...from one local company

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Stop debris from clogging your gutters and creating damaging overflows, and safely melt away dangerous and damaging ice dams and icicles.

By Jim Carbone, Gutter Cover Company

Top It
Northeast Ohio’s warm spring weather will soon be here and with it comes the season’s torrential downpours. After the long winter, you may notice that your gutters need a little TLC to prevent damaging overflows. In addition to cleaning your gutters, one of the best and safest steps you can take is to create a permanent solution by covering them.

Many home improvement companies sell gutter guards, but what they offer is often not a permanent solution. Their products are similar to what you find at big box stores. In most cases, their screens and filters still need to be cleaned, which does not accomplish your goal of staying off the ladder.

Manufactured in Ohio, Gutter Cover Company's Gutter Topper is a solid aluminum cover that has earned many excellent reviews from top consumer research companies. Gutter Topper can handle heavy downpours of up to 22 inches per hour, 110 m.p.h. winds, and 300 lbs. per foot without failing. Due to its unique sloped and smooth, self-shedding design, not even spinners, pine needles, shingle grit or seed pods can clog your gutters.

Gutter Topper/Leaf Protection

It’s available in 14 colors, has a patented “bird block” system, and can be installed over your existing gutters.

Our team will clean, tighten, reseal, and properly align your gutters before installing Gutter Topper. And if your gutters need replacing, we can install new seamless gutters and provide you with a lifetime transferable warranty that ensures your gutters will be free flowing forever.

We’re a local, family-owned company specializing in gutter protection in Northeast Ohio for 25 years—with a proven track record of satisfied customers. We look forward to serving you and your family, too.

Heat It
In addition to Gutter Cover Company’s highly rated Gutter Topper, we also offer Heater Cap. It’s a patented heat-dispersing plate installed either in your gutters or on top of the Gutter Topper.

Self-regulated heat cables maintain your gutters and downspouts at a temperature just above freezing. So when heat escapes through your roof, turning snow into water, Heater Cap keeps that water flowing, preventing it from freezing solid and forming damaging ice and ice dams.

The Heater Cap system is safe and is wired directly to your breaker box. You can control it with a switch conveniently located inside the warmth of your home.

Heater Cap/Ice Protection

If you don’t need your entire home protected, Heater Cap can treat just the trouble spots—including over doorways, roof valleys, and in any gutters that have a history of ice damming.

If you don’t need a new gutter system, we can install Heater Cap over your existing gutters and over many existing gutter guards.

Heater Cap features a discreet low-profile and comes in many colors to match the color of your existing gutters. Unlike the unsightly prominence of old-fashioned zig-zag wires across your rooftop, Heater Cap blends right in with your gutters and gutter guards. In fact, you might not even notice that Heater Cap is there. You’ll just see the results of free-flowing gutters with no ice dams or large, dangerous icicles.

We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you why we have been locally known for 25 years as the go-to gutter protection specialists. Our free estimates are always on time and quite casual.

For more information or to schedule your free estimate, call 440-366-0688 or 1-800-335-4367, or visit

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