Upgrade your floors with help from MDG Flooring America and start living a little bit better

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With a newly remodeled showroom, MDG Flooring America has a larger variety of LVT, carpeting, hardwood and other flooring materials than ever before—and has an experienced, well-trained crew of installers to make sure your floors are done properly. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Ken McEntee

A home is generally a reliable investment. During a precarious economy and a time of runaway inflation, many people are putting their money in home improvement projects—where they are confident their investment will increase in value, observed Scott Powers, vice president of sales for MDG Flooring America, in Medina.

“When you upgrade your floors, you’re investing wisely while giving yourself the benefit of beautifying your living space,” Scott says.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT)continues to be the hottest flooring product on the market for homes of all price levels, he shares.

“That’s because people today desire something that is durable, long-lasting and, importantly, easy to maintain,” he explains. “People are busy and don’t want to spend countless hours working on their floors. LVT is waterproof, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean, plus, it comes in gorgeous patterns that replicate hardwood, ceramic and other types of flooring. In fact, most people looking at ceramic tile and LVT side by side have a very difficult time telling which is which.”

The versatility in styles makes LVT appropriate for any room of the house, Scott assures.

The MDG Flooring America team.

“Some people like the soft feel of walking on carpeting, but if they have pets or kids, they know what a beating carpeting can take. You can have the best of both worlds by installing LVT with a gorgeous area rug to accent the room. It’s warm and soft, and, if it gets worn or damaged, it’s a lot easier—and less expensive—to replace than pulling out a full carpet.”

MDG can create an area rug of just about any size from any of the carpeting it carries, Scott emphasizes.

“Although LTV continues to grow in popularity, carpeting is still holding its own,” he reports. “There are still a lot of people who want that warm, soft material for kids to crawl around on—or lie on themselves—particularly in bedrooms, where they can get out of bed and not step on a hard surface. When people who like carpeting move into a new home, one of the first things they replace is the old carpeting. They tend to want something fresh and clean.”

For homeowners who don’t have to worry so much about spilled milk, pet hair and pee stains, hardwood remains the “go-to” flooring for a rich, luxurious appearance, Scott says.

With a newly remodeled showroom, MDG has a larger variety of LVT, carpeting, hardwood and other flooring materials than ever before—and has an experienced, well-trained crew of installers to make sure your floors are done properly, Scott boasts.

“Our family has always taken pride in doing things right and providing superior quality service,” says MDG President Steve Walbolt. “There’s a lot more to the flooring business than many people realize. Maybe anybody can measure a room, but not everybody is able to anticipate obstacles and understand technical issues like when you might need to build up a sub floor. That’s why we employ our own in-house installers instead of using sub-contractors. It’s important that we can compete with anybody on price, but it’s more important that our customers are satisfied throughout the sales and installation process.”

During the holiday season, MDG supports Toys for Tots.

“We offer discounts for people who bring in toys that may brighten a child’s Christmas,” Scott says. “It’s one of the ways we give back to our community.”

You can peruse MDG’s flooring products by visiting the showroom at 3812 Pearl Road, Suite C, in Medina. You can find more information by visiting MDGFlooringAmerica.com, or check out the latest news on Facebook @MDGFlooringAmerica. You can call the store at 330-725-5252.