WellFit Rehabilitation & Aquatics has introduced its new WellFit Weight Loss program, which is helping patients achieve dramatic weight loss with help from semaglutide

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Gabbie Abraham, a busy mom to two boys, works full time overseeing patient communication at WellFit Weight Loss. She started the program last July with a goal of getting back to her pre-baby weight, a 35-pound loss she had not been able to achieve. So far, she’s lost 25 pounds.

By Patricia Nugent

Fueled by a 30-year career in the medical field, when physical therapist Jonathan Schauss, MBA, PT, CSCS, researched the weight-loss results people were seeing with the FDA-approved medication semaglutide last year, he knew he wanted to add it to his rehab and PT clinic in Westlake.

“A patient we treat here was morbidly obese and lost more than 70 pounds on the semaglutide,” he says. “It was a game-changer in terms of her everyday capability—from being unable to walk without a scooter to going up and down stairs. Every part of her health picture improved. It was transformational.”

Soon after, he founded WellFit Weight Loss as part of WellFit Rehabilitation & Aquatics.

How It Works
Here’s how semaglutide works: It mimics the natural hormone that signals when you’re full, slows digestion so you feel fuller longer, and lessens cravings for food and alcohol. The medication can be injected or taken orally under the tongue.

“We partner with patients every step of the way through their weight-loss journey,” he says, noting that the initial telehealth consultation is with Dr. Ira Klein, an Ohio-based MD. “Our patients have had amazing results with very few side effects. I work with them on their weekly exercise and nutrition goals. We make the process easy for patients. They come in once a month to get weighed in, have their vitals checked, and pick up their medication. The dosage and formulas are customized to each person.”

In addition to the additional medical care, Jonathan reports their costs are far lower than a regular pharmacy since he works with compounding pharmacists. What could cost an average of $1,400-$1,600 per month at a pharmacy costs only $399 per month using their program.


Shedding those Last Baby Pounds
Meet Gabbie Abraham. This super-busy mom to two boys, ages 9 and 4, works full time overseeing patient communication and the front office at WellFit Weight Loss.

She personally started the program last July with a goal of getting back to her pre-baby weight, a 35-pound loss she had not been able to achieve.

“I never have time to exercise and haven’t been conscientious about my diet,” she says.

So far, this sweet-natured 31-year-old has lost 25 pounds and is thrilled to be back in her “skinny” jeans.

“Though I enjoy the same foods as before, there’s no hunger,” she says. “The portions I eat are less than half of what I used to.”

Physical Therapy, Too
Offering semaglutide is a natural fit with the work that goes on at Rehabilitation & Aquatics.

“We are one of the very few centers on the West Side to offer aquatic resistance therapy,” Jonathan says. The pool uses resistance for improving cardio and muscle strength benefiting those with stiffness and arthritis. “Since your body weighs one-third less in the water, it’s wonderful for exercise without fear of injury.”

Jonathan says they have a reputation for being hands-on with therapeutic manual manipulation. He’s also performed dry needling procedures decades before it hit the mainstream. Joining him are Elyse Schroeder, DPT—a doctor of physical therapy with a special certification in women’s health—and two PT Assistants, Drita Willcox, PTA, LMT and Connie Smith, PTA.

For pain relief and tissue regeneration (perfect for pre- and post-surgery), the clinic also offers therapy with the LightForce Pro Deep Tissue Laser.

WellFit Weight Loss Center is located at 671 Columbia Road, in Westlake. While the Weight Loss Program is cash pay, most therapy is covered by insurance. Schedule your free consultation at WellFitWeightLoss.com or by calling 440-455-9669.