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Soil-based probiotics

A question I’m often asked is, “What’s a good probiotic?” Even among the best brands (and I’d like to think we have them at Vital Choice), many are fairly similar, providing strains of lactic-acid bacteria (LAB) like lactobacillus acidophilus. Today, I’d like to discuss a completely different type of probiotic, and one that may just...

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At Gino’s—More Than Just Italian, expert chef Gino Antonelli and his family invite you and your family to get more out of your dining experience

Gino Antonelli has spent his whole life living and loving food. Today, as a chef and owner of Gino’s—More Than Just Italian, Gino is combining everything he has learned from that lifetime love affair with food to create the place he hopes will become a favorite for families and friends to gather, celebrate and eat. “I grew up eating...

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Check out today’s revolutionary e-bikes that are making cycling fun again at Century Cycles

One of the fastest-growing consumer products markets in the world is the e-bike. Dramatic advancements in battery technology combined with an aging population mean more of us can enjoy the thrill, adventure, and fitness benefits of biking—for many more years and over greater distances. And, no, electric bikes aren’t...

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When doctors get hemorrhoids

Before seeking treatment in my office, many of my patients first visited their primary care doctor to find relief from hemorrhoids. They were usually prescribed a steroid cream or suppository, but when that failed to help, they were told that surgery was the only other option. But what happens when doctors get hemorrhoids? Do they follow the...

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En Garde Defense can help you stop damage to your landscaping and send deer back into their natural habitats

Deer damage is nearing its peak because area does are now pregnant with their fawns. That may be good news for the deer, but bad news for your landscaping. “When female deer are pregnant, they are extra hungry because they need to provide nutrition for themselves and the fawn(s) they are carrying,” explains Jeff Ardo, founder of En Garde...

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