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Does melatonin really work?

Odds are you’ve heard of melatonin—the hormone produced by the body that helps regulate the sleep cycle and promote restful sleep. What you probably haven’t heard is melatonin may not be a hormone at all. Many are likely deficient, and it appears to do far more than promote sleep. Unlike all other hormones that are exclusively...

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Northeast Factory Direct is leading the kitchen remodeling industry with 60-70% off kitchen cabinets

Now that the holiday madness is over, and the winter weather has likely thwarted outdoor projects, it may be the ideal time to think about getting your indoor renovation plans back on track—and you may want to begin with your kitchen, suggests Angelo Lardomita, lead kitchen designer and sales manager at Northeast Factory Direct...

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Northeast Factory Direct brings its secret to saving big to North Canton

It wasn’t long after Alex Nemet opened his first Northeast Factory Direct (NEFD) location that the no-frills home products retail showroom became arguably the worst-kept secret in the region. After all, when people start to fill their homes with fabulous furniture, patio accessories and kitchen cabinets for as little as half the price of other...

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Here’s how MaxStrength Fitness helped one local woman stop toying around with her health

Meet self-described yo-yo dieter and lifelong couch potato Judy Williams. This vivacious go-getter had plenty of excuses to fall back on for letting her health slip a little—a high-level career in HR, a double hip replacement and a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. But she also saw the writing on the wall of her future health, and six...

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Now is a perfect time to tap the team of experts at Curb Appeal Painting to revitalize your interior spaces

To pass the winter in a torpid or resting state,” is how Merriam-Webster defines hibernating. While it might be a juncture for slowing down and pushing the reset button, the dead middle of winter is also when homeowners spend the most time indoors staring at their four walls and getting busy improving them. Not surprisingly, January-February...

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