What's the next phase of your healthcare is going to look like at 65?

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By Kathy Carvin, HealthMarkets Insurance Agent

If you’re getting ready to turn 65, if you’re a fresh 65, or if 65 is on the horizon, you might have questions about what the next phase of your healthcare is going to look like. Understanding your options can feel a little confusing, but I’m here to help you navigate the choices—without the stress of having to go it alone. And the best part is, my guidance is free of charge.

If you’re 65 and have decided to keep working, you have the option to either remain on your company-sponsored healthcare plan or enroll in Medicare. Which option you choose may largely depend on how much you’re presently paying for coverage.

You may want to consider your Medicare options and compare your benefits before making any changes.

Many Medicare Advantage plans have low or no deductibles. If you’re 65 and have decided to retire, Medicare may be an option.

New 65s have a seven-month enrollment period—three months before their birth month, their birth month, and three months after their birth month. If you’ve worked 40 quarters in your lifetime, paying Social Security and Medicare taxes, you will be eligible for Medicare Part A without paying premiums. Part A and Part B are the same for everyone. Secondary options are where the differences come into play. Give me a call to schedule your free review.

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