When a top remodeler and seasoned design pro tackle a 1950s ranch re-do, the result is pure magic

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AFTER: Acclaim Renovations & Design and Interior Designer Debra Metcalf added functionality and personality to this 1950s mid-century modern ranch with features like a 9-foot island topped with white Carrara quartz, rustic gray luxury vinyl tile flooring, and shimmery colors of beach glass in the backsplash tilework.

By Patricia Nugent

When homeowners work with an interior designer, they open up a world of ideas they never would have thought of,” says Bob Potocar, owner of Acclaim Renovations & Design. “They push you away from indecision and allay your fear of making mistakes. They make your wish list match your budget. You can always tell a finished renovation that began with a designer. It looks thoughtful, cohesive and balanced.”

Meet Interior Designer Debra Metcalf
Local interior designer Debra Metcalf has collaborated with Bob on more than 20 home renovations over the years.

“Finding the best contractors for an interior designer to recommend is extremely important and difficult,” says Debra. “Your name is attached to that contractor and project. I have to be able to recommend someone who is trustworthy, returns phone calls and hires respectable employees.”

Local interior designer Debra Metcalf has collaborated with Bob Potocar, owner of Acclaim Renovations on more than 20 home renovations over the years.

Fostering a Fresh, Coastal Flair
|The renovation seen here is from a tiny 1950s mid-century modern ranch along the shores of Lake Erie in Mentor-on-the-Lake that sports floor-to-ceiling views. When the homeowner bought it, three different kinds of flooring covered the first floor and the kitchen was also very small, with barely any storage.

The dynamic duo of Debra and Bob got busy.

Their first action was to replace the three types of flooring with one, a rustic gray luxury vinyl tile. Then they combined the kitchen and dining area to create a larger, more open space. To create an anchor to center the space, they designed and built a 9-foot island topped with white Carrara quartz and a waterfall effect spilling over the side edges.

BEFORE:Before the renovation, the kitchen and dining area were two separate and smaller spaces. Combining them created one larger, more spacious kitchen area.

“The homeowner is a proud grandmother who spends loads of time with her grandchildren,” explains Debra. “So now she can situate them on one side of the island within the five barstools, while she mans the other side for crafts or cooking activities.”

To inject a shimmery slice of the Great Lakes into the design, she selected a soothing pastiche of beach glass colors in the vertically laid Virginia tilework for the backsplash.

So much storage was added in the cabinetry, Deb decided to do something unexpected and fun and created a dedicated drawer as a wrapping station. One of her more adorable “wow factor” signature design effects is putting a little bit of bling on the handle of the trash cabinet to identify it as a pullout.

“Bob and I have always worked well together,” says Debra. “He’s amazingly responsive to both me and the client. If I call, I know I’ll receive a call back within a few minutes. Plus, he has phenomenal ideas and excels at thinking outside the box to add functionality and personality to any renovation. Creating a little gourmet coffeemaker and toaster station within a nook of the kitchen in this design was his idea.”

She says it also matters a lot to her that all the employees at Acclaim are trustworthy, reliable and seasoned.

Wallpaper is Back in a Big Way
Debra says she stays current with design trends and one she’s happy to see back is wallpaper, as it lets her add some zing to any room.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the best designers in our area over the years,”’ she adds. “It was also my pleasure to be a designer for the Lake County YMCA Dream Home for many years.”

She says she likes to do any type of interior design work, from commercial and whole house renovations to paint selection, furniture arranging and draperies.

Acclaim Renovations & Design is located at 8550 East Avenue in Mentor. The design-build firm has won numerous industry awards. Call 440-974-8082 or visit AcclaimReno.com.