When ordinary simply will not do

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Working in tandem with JEMM Construction, Guhde Flooring America’s talented tiling team worked to interpret the homeowner’s vision for a waterfall look in the bathroom. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Is there anything more tranquil and serene than a waterfall?

The feeling of water flowing over earth and rock transports you to a restful, happy place.

When this Eastlake home on Lake Erie was being built by JEMM Construction, the homeowner had a definite esthetic in mind…a Zen feeling of flow, with organic and natural elements reflective of its watery lake views on full display.

“When she came in for the consultation, the direction was she wanted a very unique and creative approach to the master bathroom design,” says Guhde Flooring America Sales Manager Shawn Rosa. “We came up with a lot of different ideas, but the one she loved best was the concept of bringing a waterfall design to life with river pebble-like tiles laid in a curvy shape running from the ceiling to the floor, spreading out on the floor to cross the room to the tub area. It’s such a strong focal point in the room that cohesively ties the 10-foot-by-17-foot space together.”

What makes it so striking is the freeform shape moves through modern-looking linear tiles that are laid vertically for defined lines.

“The flowing shape works well in the zero-entry shower that is opened on both ends,” he says. “The homeowner wanted lots of natural light with spacious windows, and that puts a spotlight on it, too. There are not a lot of remodelers with skilled tile installers capable of doing a job this complicated and intricate. It took weeks to complete.”

Within the shower, the builder went the extra mile of creating extra space in the exterior wall for a large custom niche.

The intricacies of the tilework in this home are a testament to the creative flow Guhde applies to every job.

Artful Design
“JEMM is a custom builder that’s known for taking ‘custom’ to the highest level, says Shawn. It’s just who they are. Nothing is standard. We’ve worked with them on new construction for over 10 years and enjoyed the interaction.” In addition to this bathroom, the JEMM homes feature super stylist elements like oversized niches in the kitchen backsplash, arched doorways, or ceilings coffered in a pinwheel design.

“We’re doing other interesting work in this house as well,” such as the tilework on the long, linear fireplace. “It’s made up of three different styles of tile, one with gold flecking that’s reminiscent of a historic pottery treatment, when gold was used to bond pots. Gold is definitely a comeback trend right now.”

Shawn says that at the end of the day, he and kitchen and bath designer Jillian Brickman love pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to what’s possible in design.

“This tile job is quite intricate and maybe not for everyone,” he says, “but we can bring distinctive designs to life for everyone, mixing shapes, styles and trending products together in new and unexpected ways. Your home should be a reflection of you.

Look for several before-and-after renovations to be featured in Mimi stories in the coming months. Shawn reports they are currently working on some jaw-dropping makeovers.

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