When the team at property management giant Goudreau Management Corporation wanted a top-level roofing company on its roster, they called Spartan StormShield

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Eight years ago, Goudreau Management Corporation enlisted the commercial services offered by Spartan StormShield to help keep the roofs of properties in its portfolio in top condition. Pictured left to right: Jack Hautz and George Goudreau of Goudreau Management Corporation, and Joel Putnam and Joel Arlia of Spartan StormShield. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Like cream rising to the top, companies in the marketplace with exceptionally high standards often have a way of finding each other. Take, for instance, Goudreau Management Corporation and Spartan StormShield.

Founded in 1948 by George J. Goudreau Sr., Goudreau Management Corporation has grown over the years to include property management services for thousands of greater Cleveland families, as well as numerous retail and office properties.

Spartan’s tagline, “the roof system to last your lifetime,” as well as its industry-leading warranty, are expressions of a high level of commitment that matches Goudreau Management’s.

The company has been working with Spartan to help maintain, replace or repair its roofs for the past eight years.

I sat down with George Goudreau and Jack Hautz, who is George’s grandson, to find out more about their relationship.

Since 2012, Spartan StormShield has lived up to its commitment to protect homes and families with quality roofing systems that go well beyond industry standards.

Q: How did you find out about Spartan?
A: George: They were a recommendation from another contractor who had worked with them. We work with 100-plus contractors. Before we hire anyone, we like to sit down with them and look them square in the eye to see how knowledgeable they are.

Q: The trust factor is an important part of hiring a roofing company. What made you put your trust in Spartan?
A: George:
We aren’t a bottom line-oriented company. We do what’s best for the longevity of our properties. In terms of trust, Spartan has never let us down. The proof is in the pudding. They have always been willing to contribute to our big-picture goals in a timely and well-managed manner.

Jack: On December 1, 2020, a snowstorm left one of our properties, Ranch Village, with 21 damaged roofs. Joel came as soon as we called and arranged for the massive repair and replacement job. He helped us select the best match of materials to work with the rest of the buildings. Even when there isn’t an emergency, we chat about once a month to make sure our roofs are properly maintained. And when we acquire new properties, like we did this spring in Ashtabula, as soon as we called, Joel went there with a crew to inspect it, and provided a detailed report with photos.

Goudreau Management Corporation has been working with Spartan StormShield to help maintain, replace or repair its roofs for the past eight years.

Q: As a family-run company, did it make a difference for you to do business with another local, family-run company?

A: George: Yes, we feel this family-operated company has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. These are not people who feel corporate, who clock in and out. If we call Joel at 4 a.m. about a roof emergency, someone will come right out. When I was in business school, there was a course called Ethics. What it means is doing things fairly and equitably, with integrity, which is the kind of relationship we’ve shared with Spartan.

Q: Are there any specific cases over the years where you feel Spartan really shined?
A: Jack: On a Thursday night last year in February, I got a call from a tenant at a commercial property in Broadview Heights from our emergency department that a 20-plus-foot section of 6-inch gutter filled with ice had fallen off the back of the building and was blocking an entrance. It was a disaster. I called Joel and he was out there immediately to fix it.

Spartan Roofing Academy
The management at Spartan StormShield believes in educating people to empower them to their highest level of performance.

“Two years ago, we modified the back of our main building to create Spartan Roofing Academy,” says founder Joel Arlia. “It provides a vehicle for us to share industry-best practices while enforcing continuity between our Sales and Production departments. It is required for everyone within our organization to participate in this one-day training event. There’s also a test to take at the end. We cover advanced roofing processes and protocols.”

The feedback has been so positive the Academy is taking on a life of its own. He reports that local insurance adjusters and even a forensic (structural) engineer have expressed interest to attend the training here. So far, they’ve graduated more than 60 roofing specialists.

Spartan StormShield puts people first. That’s why its leadership team created an onsite roofing academy to not only train its own employees, but also other industry professionals.

The Academy is a testimony to the things that set Spartan apart from other roofing companies. Another includes longevity. Since 2012 Spartan has lived up to its commitment to protect homes and families with quality roofing systems that go well beyond industry standards.

“We are a continually evolving organization committed to improving processes and streamlining workflow to provide the best possible experience for our clients,” says Joel.

Whether you’re an industry professional or homeowner and would like more information about future Spartan Roofing Academy training events, please email info@spartanroofingacademy.com.

An A+-rated member of the Better Business Bureau, Spartan StormShield is headquartered at 309 Silver Street in Akron. They install and repair roofs for homes and businesses all over Northeast Ohio. Call 330-SPARTAN (330-772-7826) or visit SpartanStormShield.com for more information and to schedule a free roof inspection or leak analysis.