With a shared goal of helping clients reach the financial summit, Cornerstone Asset Management Services and Kruger Consulting are banding together to provide even more services

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During these volatile markets, both Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc. and Kruger Consulting Inc. can monitor clients’ portfolios and make changes tactically to help avoid major downdrafts in the stock market. Pictured L-R in the front row: George Anastasakis, Pamela Kruger and Nicholas Anastasakis. L-R standing: Stephanie Travers and Sue Bigley. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Laura Briedis

It was American business magnate Henry Ford who said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Decades later, two local business owners are really taking that to heart.

Though George Anastasakis and Pamela Kruger both own their own financial companies, they are working together to benefit their clients.

“In the financial industry, it is rare that two very similar businesses form a friendship instead of being competitors,” says Pamela, owner of Kruger Consulting Inc. “However, we’ve found this partnership has not only helped our businesses grow, but more importantly, it’s in the best interest of our clients by providing them with more extensive financial services.”

“This partnership is based on our similar values and goals for our clients,” says George, owner of Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc.. “Our goal is to find solutions that are customized for client’s needs and that is where we overlap.”

The two first met at a health fair in 2003, when they both were exhibitors introducing themselves to the community and they struck up a conversation, which eventually led to regular lunch meetings and networking. Then, earlier this year, they moved into a shared office space in Broadview Heights.

Much of what they do is similar. Cornerstone helps clients create and manage wealth. Kruger Consulting helps clients plan, invest and protect their wealth.

“We both offer similar services, such as retirement planning, life insurance and securities,” notes Pamela. “We both are fiduciaries who recommend what is in the best interest of our clients. That’s really important in today’s economic conditions.”

“There also are other services we provide that complement each other,” adds George, noting they also have a network of tax accountants and attorneys to offer comprehensive retirement and financial planning solutions.

In this current economy, it is more important than ever to have a financial planner help you navigate through all the ups and downs. For many financial planners, their phones have been ringing off the hook this past year as everyone is looking at their 401k and gasping. But not Pam’s and George’s clients.

“During this past year, while many have lost money in their investments, most of our clients have done well,” says George. “During these volatile markets, we are able to monitor clients’ portfolios and make changes tactically to help avoid major downdrafts in the stock market. We have the ability to get out of the stock market and move money into cash and wait for a better time to be invested.”

“As part of my financial planning services, I set up a time horizon strategy—looking at now, soon, and later income needs—so we have planned in advance for times like this,” adds Pamela. “My dad taught me to always save some, spend some and that is definitely still true today.”

“Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, so we take an unemotional, systematic and disciplined approach to investing,” says George. “Start planning early and you will get to where you want to go.”

Show Your Puppy Love
In memory of loyal companions Hank and Rex, Cornerstone Asset Management Services and Kruger Consulting are collecting pet items for dogs in shelters.

You can drop off gently used or new blankets, toys and dog accessories, as well as food, to their financial offices at 1000 W. Wallings Road, Suite D, in Broadview Heights, through Friday, September 30. Your donation will provide love and care to homeless animals looking for their forever homes at the Berea Animal Rescue.

For comprehensive financial planning, you can reach Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc. at 440-746-0707 and Kruger Consulting Inc. at 440-234-0300. The office is located at 1000 W. Wallings Road, Suite D, in Broadview Heights. For more details, visit CornerstoneAssetMgmt.com and KrugerConsulting.info.

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