With guidance from the team at Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, you can retire in confidence, knowing there will be enough for the long term

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The father-and-son team of Bill and Brody Fiesler, of Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, brings a wealth of solid experience to the financial planning table. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Ken McEntee

If you’re contemplating retirement during the next few years, you may have serious concerns about what impact the current economy may have on the value of your IRA, pension or 401(k). A significant loss in value could mean a postponement—or even a cancellation—of your long-planned and well-deserved life of leisure.

That’s why the father-and-son team of Bill and Brody Fiesler, President and Vice President of Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, suggests you look into the benefits of a fixed index annuity.

“Our clients don’t experience downside market loss of their money,” Bill promises. “They can get a zero for the year or they can grow their money. But they can’t go backwards.”

Bill’s observations in the funeral business influenced him to detour his career into the retirement planning business, he recalls.

“I was seeing too many people—including my parents and other family members—outlive their retirement money and die broke,” he says. “My uncle was a career pilot and he didn’t have enough money to have a viewing or visitation when he died. I had to set up the viewing for the family and take care of things. I thought, how horrible was this? So I got into this business because I knew there had to be a better way to protect seniors’ money.”

Bill and Brody Fiesler’s Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts offers a range of annuity products, all centered around protection and safe planning.

Bill started in the retirement planning business about 16 years ago. Brody was one of the top producers for a large life insurance company when he left to partner with his father in 2018.

Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts offers a range of annuity products.

“When advising, we don’t cookie cutter sell anything,” Bill says. “We offer products from hundreds of companies. We tailor everything to the individual client. We also have products that create income for clients with limited retirement monies. We can enhance people’s retirements,” Bill explains. “We take in 401(k)s and IRAs and retirement PLOPS [partial lump-sum option payments on pensions] and help them self-direct it, which means that it’s their money and they are in control of it. In nine out of 10 pensions today, the money disappears at the end of the retirees’ life. Our annuities offer a guaranteed lifetime payout that is usually either as good or better than what the company or public pensions offer, and at the end of your life you can pass your money to whoever you want. It doesn’t disappear.”

One of the keys to the team’s success, Brody says, is their old-fashioned, hands-on relationship with clients.

“We believe in servicing our clients—not signing them up and disappearing,” he emphasizes. “We meet with them all the time. If they need money we handle the withdrawals for them. We work with them to reallocate their growth strategies every year.”

One of the best parts of working with Brody and his father, Brody says, is that they don’t charge their clients a fee for their services.

Brody adds that Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts’ annuity products are fixed or indexed.

“We don’t offer variable annuities due to the high fees and risk of losing money when the market is down,” he says. “When the market is up, you’re making money. When the market is down you stay level.”

Take your first step toward protecting your retirement by scheduling a no-cost consultation with Bill or Brody, at 216-503-1779. Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, LLC is located at Corporate Plaza One, Suite 160, 6450 Rockside Woods South, in Independence.