Bedford Fitness

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“Live life to the fullest. Our family of professionals will make sure your body keeps up with you!” —Liz Bedford, who along with her husband Bill, owns Bedford Fitness

Bedford Fitness offers physical therapy, personal training, and massage—all in one location. We’re your go-to source for overall health and wellness.

Are you recovering from surgery or an injury? We can get you back in tip-top shape. Is your goal weight loss? We can help you shed pounds. Are you training for a marathon? We can help build your stamina and give you a competitive edge. Do you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle? We can help with that, too.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapist works with you one-on-one to customize programs for post-surgical therapy, chronic pain management, and sports-related injury rehab. And our personal trainer offers transition programs that bridge the gap for those who want to continue getting stronger and more fit after they have completed physical therapy.

Personal Training
We are also the place for athletes looking to train for a race or improve their body mechanics for golf—as well as anyone who wants to get stronger and boost their energy.

Innovative services like trigger-point dry needling, running evaluations, Thai massage therapy, and glide disc sliding group fitness can help improve your health.

In addition to personal fitness training, our exercise facility hosts small group fitness classes tailored to senior fitness, pre-natal and post-natal fitness, strength training, and preventative care. And if you like to work out at home, we can personalize exercise demo videos for online personal training.

Locally Owned Family Business
As husband-and-wife business owners, we have turned our passion for health and wellness into a family business, featuring a physical therapist, certified medical exercise specialist, personal trainer and licensed massage therapist all in one location. And as avid runners, we know firsthand about achieving peak performance and staying healthy. So let us work together to help you be active, be healthy.