Northeast Factory Direct

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“We offer a bare-bones shopping experience and the opportunity to save a ton of money.” —Alex Nemet, owner

Alex Nemet’s Northeast Factory Direct is a bare bones Cleveland warehouse that sells bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture as well as top-quality mattresses and a generous selection of first-rate hot tubs.

NEFD also sells semi-custom kitchen cabinetry and countertops and offers free design service along with a slew of other freebies to help people create the kitchen of their dreams.

The difference Northeast Factory Direct offers is that no matter what you purchase, you’ll save more than you spend.

“It’s not that the products I sell are any different from the items you can find at most Northeast Ohio furniture and cabinet stores,” Alex notes. “It’s that I employ a different kind of business model. I haven’t built in the same astronomical profit margins the other guys have.”

Alex says that after more than 15 years in business, he still likes to fly under the radar. In his heart he wants to be the best-kept secret, reveling in the idea that he’s outsmarting the mainstream retail and cabinetry giants and getting away with it.

People travel from across Northeast Ohio and beyond to take advantage of the savings, and the opportunity to do so without having to join a club or pay any fees.