Platinum Design & Build Company

“I enjoy helping people find balance and happiness in their living and working spaces.” — Shannon Fitzgerald, founder, Platinum Design & Build Company

Over the past 25 years, Shannon Fitzgerald has earned her credentials as an interior designer, architectural designer and interior decorator. She began by rehabbing and refurbishing her own homes to flip, then expanded to help other residential and commercial clients. She has become an in-demand creative force in handling any phase of a redesign or remodel.

She founded Platinum Design & Build to act as a true one-stop shop. With a visionary approach, Shannon does home staging and more complex jobs such as a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or whole house renovation. The goal is to redefine a space in the most esthetically pleasing way, adding character details that reflect the owner and create their “happy place.”

Every job is different. As a hands-on, full-service remodeler, Shannon prides herself on providing customized approaches perfectly fit to each client. From beginning to end, research and planning to project management and coordination—every step toward enhancing a home or office’s interior is modeled on the client’s personal style.

She will consult on even the smallest design job, such as finding ideal lighting solutions for a room, or picking paint colors, fabrics and throw pillows.

eDesign services provide virtual consultation

Clients looking for an affordable virtual interior design experience will enjoy Platinum’s eDesign service. Here’s how it works:

• You fill out an online questionnaire.
• Shannon looks over your answers and room measurements and comes up with a design plan.
• With a completed floorplan and itemized budget in place, she sources pieces that fit nicely within your space, and provides links to where they can be purchased.
• She prepares the design package, letting you know what you should do first, next and last.
• Within three weeks of you filling out the questionnaire, she emails you your project, including a floorplan, mood boards, suggested paint colors and a shopping list.

Over the years, Shannon has worked with the best in the trades and can easily put together a team of skilled craftsmen. She has served clients in Northeast Ohio and Florida.