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Here’s how you can stay active and fight joint, muscle and nerve pain with physical therapy first

When pain is present, your body will naturally want to limit movement and then compensate to avoid that pain, thereby creating new injuries. You hurt your foot, ankle, shoulder, hand or knee, and...

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X-ray and MRI not needed

I meet many people in our community who come to me with X-ray or MRI results from an orthopedic surgeon, and a laundry list of diagnoses that often have little to do with their symptoms. To help you...

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Here’s how physical therapy can stop neck pain and help you avoid orthopedic surgery

Neck pain, whether from a motor vehicle accident, sleeping on it wrong, or from lifting too much weight, can lead to chronic deficits that limit quality of life and function. It is important to...

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Knee pain? Here’s why the team at MyoFit Clinic says a physical therapy-first approach is the best way to avoid orthopedic surgery

The knee is one of the most used joints in the body and can easily take the repetitive stress of day-to-day use. When the knee is pushed beyond its limits, or turned in a direction it isn’t meant...

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Shoulder pain and physical therapy: Your best option to avoid orthopedic surgery

If all the joints in your body, the shoulder has the greatest range of motion. Our shoulders sustain sprains and strains, dislocations, tendinitis, torn rotator cuffs, bursitis, frozen shoulder,...

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