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Is your electric panel at risk?

People don’t often think of electricity as having moving parts, but it’s constantly flowing through your home. The heart pumping the flow is your electrical panel. Since the panel is usually...

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Easy install USB outlets

Homes keep getting smarter. As our customers have come to rely on their smart phones and tablets more and more, we’ve been installing USB-enabled outlets to keep up with them. This is a regular...

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Outdoor electric safety

With the weather finally turning summery, I hope homeowners think about the state of their exterior electricity before firing up the edgers or trimmers. First, it’s important to make sure all...

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Electrical red flags

May is Electrical Safety Month, a good time to take pause and ask yourself how safe your home is. Since most of your electrical system is located behind your walls and outlets, sometimes you can’t...

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Stay safe and secure with an electrical safety inspection

With winter storms wreaking havoc recently, we’ve seen a greater demand for whole-house power surge protection. Modern appliances have become more digitally controlled and are susceptible to...

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