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Getting unwanted calls about Medicare? There’s an easy way to make it stop

Are the annoying and unwanted Medicare calls and texts from solicitors making you feel insane? It seems as if they are completely out of hand lately, making it such a pain to answer your phone...

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Evaluate your prescription drug coverage under Medicare and find out if you can save

According to a 2019 KFF Tracking Poll, 89% of people over the age of 65 have reported that they take at least one medication regularly, with more than half of those taking more than four medications...

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Can you really get a Medicare Advantage plan for $0? Dana Dunlop, of Dunlop Health Insurance Services, can help provide the answer

You watch the ads on television showing there are Medicare Advantage plans out there for $0 per month with all sorts of benefits. How is this possible? What’s the catch? How is it that your...

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With more than 100 different options, choosing your Medicare coverage can be overwhelming and Dana Dunlop, of Dunlop Health Insurance Services, can help

Did you know there are more than a hundred options to choose from when it comes to Medicare? Did you know many of these choices have benefits that change annually? Annual Enrollment is coming in...

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