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Consider a second opinion

This is the year you say, “No, I’m not going to put up with this anymore. I’ve had enough and I’m tired of dealing with the pain, itching, bleeding and annoyance of having hemorrhoids. I’m...

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Quick and painless hemorrhoid relief

As the only physician in Northeast Ohio with a practice focused exclusively on treating hemorrhoids, I see afflicted patients all day, every day. In fact, since I launched my practice in 2007,...

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No creams, no screams

Are you haunted by hemorrhoids? If so, you have probably tried using over-the-counter options such as creams, witch hazel, or ghouling gels in an effort to chase those little monsters away. While...

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It’s time to ditch the itch

One of the most aggravating symptoms of hemorrhoids is the unrelenting itch. Hemorrhoidal itching is often so pronounced, it’s difficult to focus on anything else…the constant squirming and...

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Roids hurt; treatment doesn’t

One question I’ve been getting asked a lot recently is, “If your treatments are painless, why do my hemorrhoids hurt?” About an inch inside your rectum, the skin of your butt ends, and the...

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