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It’s time to ditch the itch

One of the most aggravating symptoms of hemorrhoids is the unrelenting itch. Hemorrhoidal itching is often so pronounced, it’s difficult to focus on anything else…the constant squirming and...

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Roids hurt; treatment doesn’t

One question I’ve been getting asked a lot recently is, “If your treatments are painless, why do my hemorrhoids hurt?” About an inch inside your rectum, the skin of your butt ends, and the...

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On the fanny fence with your hemorrhoids

Patience is a virtue. Wait it out. This too shall pass. I can take it. These are just some of the mantras people who come to me for treatment of hemorrhoids have subscribed to before deciding to...

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When doctors get hemorrhoids

Before seeking treatment in my office, many of my patients first visited their primary care doctor to find relief from hemorrhoids. They were usually prescribed a steroid cream or suppository, but...

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A 180-degree roundabutt

It is always fascinating to me to watch how my patients’ attitudes completely change from their first visit to their last. At our first visit, my patients often tell me that their hemorrhoid...

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