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When doctors get hemorrhoids

Before seeking treatment in my office, many of my patients first visited their primary care doctor to find relief from hemorrhoids. They were usually prescribed a steroid cream or suppository, but...

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A 180-degree roundabutt

It is always fascinating to me to watch how my patients’ attitudes completely change from their first visit to their last. At our first visit, my patients often tell me that their hemorrhoid...

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A bootyful baby roid

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! And while you’re excited about the arrival of your new bundle of joy, something you weren’t expecting may be growing as well. Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can...

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Ending Bad-Assumptions

Hemorrhoids are sorely misunderstood. They’re not all bad. Let me explain. You see, we all start out with three friendly internal hemorrhoids. When functioning properly, they help to prevent us...

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Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists asks what’s in your arsenal?

Hemorrhoid sufferers typically have a stockpile of “fixes” in their arsenal. The hope is that a cream, suppository, Tucks pad, sitz bath or even a special cushion can provide permanent relief...

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