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New cases of monkeybutt

While the spread of monkeypox is unlikely to pose any great risk to the nation’s health, some of you may already be sitting on a serious case of monkeybutt. Traditionally, monkeybutt happens...

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Safely eliminate hemorrhoids and have an out of booty experience

I recently asked a patient how she was doing following her first hemorrhoid treatment. She replied that she couldn’t believe how much better everything was. “I feel like I’m wiping someone...

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Hemorrhoid date night

I had a patient who likes to take his wife out for date night. The problem was his hemorrhoids went along for the ride, making him uncomfortable, self-conscious, and challenged to enjoy their time...

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Your secret is out ... hemorrhoids

The secret you’ve been keeping all winter is finally out…in the yard, at social events, on the golf course, and at the grocery store. Everywhere you go, your hemorrhoids go with you...

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Are you a boiling frog?

We’ve all heard of the boiling frog apologue describing how a frog dropped directly into boiling water will jump right out, but if the frog is put into cool water that slowly becomes hotter and...

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