Category: Erin Mellinger, Owner; Axio Fitness


The importance of rest days

Rest days are vital to achieving optimal health. A rest day is not a day to sit and move as little as possible for the entire day while also enjoying your favorite cheat meal. A rest day is a day...

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Is your workout balanced?

When starting an exercise routine, one thing you should be mindful of is that it is balanced. When I say balanced, I’m not necessarily talking about including balance exercises, although that is...

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Independence is the fitness goal

At Axio Fitness, we are very passionate about goals. In fact, our mission is to be zealous for our client’s goals. As you can imagine, most of the goals we hear are focused on body weight,...

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Technology and your fitness goals

As is the case in every aspect of our culture, technology has advanced quickly in the fitness realm. Whether it is a Fitbit you can wear, the Mirror you can use to replace your home gym, or one of...

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