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Affordable Cabinet Refacing

Affordable Cabinet Refacing offers a way resuscitate your drab kitchen for about a third of the cost—and a fraction of the time—of a full-blown remodeling project.

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ASE Outdoor Solutions

A local, family-owned landscaping, hardscaping and excavation company that serves residential and commercial clients all over Northeast Ohio.

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Consult Dean

This service provides mentorship and networking opportunities to capstone coaches, colleges and organizations.

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Estate Management Services

Estate Management Services consults with people in the areas of estate planning, multigenerational business succession planning, financial planning, disability and legacy planning and gifting.

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VW Insurance

This insurance firm offers a full umbrella of personal, supplemental and commercial insurance to individuals, families and businesses.

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Kiba Studios provides a stress-free environment in which to plan the kitchen of your dreams, ensuring every aspect of your project is stunning and practical

At Kiba Studios, the harmony of form and function is paramount, ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen is stunning and practical. By design, Kiba Studios is a showroom within a showroom,...

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Core values and an investment in the community are at the heart of everything MDG Flooring America does

For more than two decades, MDG Flooring America has worked to provide top-tier flooring solutions rooted in building trust one floor at a time. The company’s core values—Family, Legacy,...

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One of Northeast Ohio’s best-kept secrets is historic Valley City

Located at the juncture of Routes 252 and 303—just 5 miles due west of Brunswick—Valley City is known for its scenic landscape, rolling hills, meandering waterways and a historic...

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Here’s how Sinick Family Dental is using the latest in dental equipment and offerings to produce dazzling smiles

The advantages of going all-digital dentistry over traditional dentistry are profound. Thanks to a higher level of precision and accuracy, patients can expect better-looking, longer-lasting...

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Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling creates distinctive indoor and outdoor spaces

Both a landscape company and a home remodeler, Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling has a unique perspective when designing indoor and outdoor spaces. From designing backyard kitchens that look like...

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Bunker Hill Golf Course-2024 Unlimited Golf Sun.-Sat. with Cart ($3600 Value)

MEDINA— Get a Membership for 2024 Unlimited Golf Sun.-Sat. with Cart for just $2400 which includes a cart. Valid for Unlimited golf with cart including league play (outing play not included)...

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Bunker Hill Golf Course-2024 Unlimited Mon – Fri + Weekends & Holidays after 2:30 with Cart ($2600 Value)

MEDINA— Get a Membership for 2024 Unlimited Mon – Fri + Weekends & Holidays after 2:30 with Cart. Valid for unlimited golf with cart including league play (outing play not included) 1/2/2023...

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Gandalf's Pub ($25 Value)

VALLEY CITY— Get $25 worth of new world spin on fresh traditional Irish fare for just $12.50. Shopping at farmers’ markets every Saturday to bring back farm-fresh ideas and seasonal flair...

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