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Kiba Studios offers a comprehensive design center and one-stop remodeling shopping to help inspire your home projects

Kiba Studios exists to embody the boundless potential you envision when you’re eyeing your next home improvement project, and to serve as a one-stop destination for renovation. Whether you aspire...

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Leaving nothing to chance, MDG Flooring America has reimagined its showroom to include software that lets you picture a particular type of flooring in your own space

MDG Flooring America stands as a beacon where contemporary styles seamlessly intertwine with timeless values, shaping the homes of today and contributing to the future of the community. For over...

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There’s more to maintaining trees than simply pruning

Spring signals vibrant returns, and as your yard awakens from its dormancy, it’s essential to ensure trees and plants thrive. While some people have a natural green thumb, others entrust the...

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Trust the professionals at Titan Arbor Care to reinvigorate one of your yard’s most valuable assets

Spring is nature’s wake-up call. With just over a month left until the season’s arrival, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, grab a shovel, and get planting. But when it comes to trees, if...

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MDG Flooring America’s new “Room to Explore” system lets you visualize flooring samples in your own home

Step into MDG Flooring America’s remodeled 5,000-square-foot showroom in Medina, and you can explore myriad materials presented in a vibrant spectrum of colors. This abundance of choice includes...

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