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The value of professional flooring installation

All the time and careful consideration you put into selecting the perfect new flooring for your room could be compromised if it isn’t properly installed, cautions Christie Jackson, sales manager...

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Visit Lamphear’s in August to enjoy blooming sunflowers and a host of family-friendly fun

Two-and-a-half acres of sunflowers, all facing in the same direction, reminds Kory Lamphear of a field of smiling faces. “It’s a beautiful sight that people love to experience,” says Kory,...

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University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center enhances clinical programs and patient outcomes

Working in an emergency room, one has to be prepared for anything. The need to respond to a variety of unexpected challenges has helped Marlea Miano, MD, RN, EMT-P, develop a big-picture perspective...

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Does your garage have curb appeal?

Today’s real estate market is so unusually strong that buyers are frequently bidding higher than the asking price. That’s the good news. The bad news comes when the bidder notices your...

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With help from the compassionate team at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, you can finally lose the weight and keep it off

Being overweight not only can create a barrier to a better quality of life, but it also increases a person’s odds of experiencing major health problems. Katie O’Boyle, MSN, RN, CBN, APRN-CNP,...

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