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Will I have enough money?

Now that you’re thinking about retirement, your biggest concern may be whether you have enough money in your retirement account to last for the rest of your life. Properly protecting your money in...

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Granite or quartz counters?

Countertops may be the most noticeable part of your kitchen. Choosing the right countertops can make your kitchen look sensational, says Scott Powers, vice president of sales for Kiba Studios, in...

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Enmeshed in the community while leading the way in flooring and remodeling: This is MDG Flooring America and Kiba Studios

Many people tend to organize the year by its four seasons. MDG Flooring America and Kiba Studios—located inside MDG’s Medina showroom—track time by their calendar of charitable...

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Blue Heron Event Center hosts some of the most sensational events in the area

The music may come from the cloud via an iPhone app, or swooned live by Johnny Fontane. But the real assessment of a wedding reception usually tends to begin with the food. That’s one test that...

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How can I protect my retirement?

In a precarious economy, people who are hoping to retire soon may have concerns about losing a large portion of the IRA, 401(k) or pension fund that has been building up for decades. Bill Fiesler...

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