A sparkling sensation

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You can take it, or they’ll make it. Here’s why Bella Design Jewelers shines. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Mary Malik

Few things evoke emotion like a special piece of jewelry. Engagement rings, wedding bands, special gifts…whatever the occasion, jewelry is often used to mark a joyous time. 

Rock White, owner of Bella Design Jewelers in Bainbridge, has spent his entire career in the jewelry business perfecting his craft to help his customers mark special times. 

“I began working for a jewelry manufacturer/retailer in an apprentice-type role when I was in college at CSU,” says Rock. “It started out as just a job but soon became a passion. After 10 years, I left to do custom designs for other retailers and wholesalers and opened my own shop in 1995.”

Rock moved his shop to Bainbridge in 1998 and now has another store in Eton Shopping Center in Woodmere. 


“We carry several high-end and moderately-priced lines,” says Rock. 

“We love that neighborhood jeweler feel. People know they can come in with a small budget and we will help them find the perfect gift. It’s important that people know they can trust us. We won’t let you buy something you don’t really want or can’t afford. And we do all custom design work, jewelry repairs and appraisals on premises.”


Rock and his staff know that purchasing jewelry can be intimidating, and that’s the last thing they want you to feel when you visit Bella Design Jewelers. 

“We want this to be a positive experience,” says Lisa Into, marketing manager. 


“This should be fun and pleasurable, but we also also want to deliver a good value for our customers.  Most of all, we want you to be happy with your result, whether you came in for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, or a simple cleaning or repair.”


When it comes to creating one-of-a-kind pieces, the Bella Design staff really shines. Their custom designs regularly become celebrated works of art.

“If we don’t have what you want, we can make it for you,” says Rock. “Customers come in with either a very specific idea of what they want, or no idea at all. Either way, we can pin it down quickly and guide you through the process.”


The first thing Rock or one of the designers will do is ask a lot of questions in order to come up with a design. Next comes a rough sketch and then a CAD rendering of the design. 

“The computerized design allows us to play with the look,” says Rock. “You can see your piece begin to take shape right before your eyes.”


The Bella designers then create an actual wax rendering of your jewelry so you can see the size, scale and shape of your piece. 

“This is an actual model. A ring, for instance, can be placed right on your finger and you can even place a stone in it to see how the finished product will look,” says Lisa. 


“Once we have the final approval, we make the actual piece. And all of these steps, from the design to the final product, take place right here in the store.”

Rock is especially proud of some of the unique custom designs he and the staff have created.


“People come in with all kinds of unique things they aren’t sure what to do with. They just know they want to create something special,” says Rock.

“Things like seashells from a bucket list vacation or inherited jewelry crying for a more modern look can all be transformed. We had one customer wanting to create something new come in with about 140 loose diamonds. It can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes, but we work through it together.”


It may be easy to make something beautiful using 140 diamonds, but Rock has also created stunning designs using many unusual materials his customers have presented, even including a piece of a meteorite. 

“The trends today are really toward jewelry that can be worn often and not just saved for special occasions,” says Lisa. “We carry several lines of fine sterling silver, vintage pieces and we love to represent local artists whenever we can.” 


Jewelry from Spain, Germany, Italy and right here in the Bainbridge area are all represented at Bella Design Jewelers. 

“Come in and look around,” says Rock. 

“You can even create a wish list so when that special someone comes in looking for a gift, we already know just what you want. And if we don’t carry it, we can get it for you. No guessing. What shopper wouldn’t love that?”


Whether you’re preserving the past or planning the future, Bella Design Jewelers is ready to listen to your story and help you discover the perfect piece of sparkle to mark the occasion. 

Bella Design Jewelers is located at 8560 E. Washington St., in the Market Square East plaza in Bainbridge, and at 28699 Chagrin Rd., in the Eton Shopping Center in Woodmere. Call 440-543-5093 in Bainbridge and 216-342-5451 in Woodmere. For information and store hours, visit BellaDesignJewelers.com