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Engine coolant is as important in the summer as it is in the winter

This month, greater Clevelanders can expect some of the hottest temperatures of the year. But while you flock to the beaches, pools and ice cream trucks to stay cool, you may also want to think about keeping your car’s temperature in a safe zone. Antifreeze, or engine coolant, does double-duty functions, keeping your radiator from freezing...

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Make sure your vehicle is prepared before you hit the road

Thanks to surpassed vaccination numbers and lowered restrictions, the green light is officially on for the Great American Road Trip. Whether you’re exploring trails, beaches, parks or mountains, making sure your vehicle is well prepared is important. Driving for long stretches, and on terrain your automobile is not accustomed to, can...

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Is your car’s air conditioning system ready for summer?

Once we hit that first 80-degree day, it’s time to crank on the AC. But before you dial up the chill, ask yourself: Is your air conditioning system working correctly? Your vehicle’s AC is a complex system made up of mechanical components which are controlled by electrical switches and modules, and refrigerant which is the gas that keeps...

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April is car care month

April is national car care month, so now is a perfect time to focus on taking care of your car. It’s been suffering through a long winter of road salt, so I recommend you give it a nice bath, paying special attention to the undercarriage, whether at a car wash or with your hose at home. Salt is terrible for your car’s exterior,...

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Is your car a rust bucket or winner?

Whether you have a spit-polished Maserati Quattroporte sitting under wraps or are someone who ignores the check engine light hoping it’ll eventually burn out, caring for your automobile is likely something you forget about…until it’s too late. This new monthly series will cover all the news you can use to properly care for your car...

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