MaxStrength is poised to return to the client-centric fitness model it’s become known for

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MaxStrength’s successful formula includes intense, trainer-led, 20-minute workouts twice a week. The goal is to max out muscles and then allow them a few days in between workouts to rebuild.

By Patricia Nugent

We feel your pain.”

Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness studios, sums up his sentiments in those four words.

“The world is hurting right now, and many people are letting their health and fitness suffer due to being stuck at home,” he says. “I’ve seen too many people during these times go back to bad habits and derail the progress they’ve worked so hard to gain. We are here to help.”

The studios are gearing to reopen soon, looking forward to offering their successful formula of intense, trainer-led 20-minute workouts twice a week. The goal is to max out muscles and then allow them a few days in between workouts to rebuild.

Now is the time to depend on a solid and time-tested system and expert guidance from MaxStrength.

“Health is the New Wealth”

Jeff points out that without your health, everything else in life starts to suffer.

“There are actually three pandemics hitting the world right now: physical, mental and financial,” he says. “We are in the healthcare business, helping you become stronger, less stressed and more confident so you can be at the top of your game when it comes to building your wealth.”

Although most people have taken more walks while staying at home, they’ve also let their strength training slip, and that’s unfortunate because muscle mass is directly related to preventing disease and injury.

Virtual Training Success Stories
Many MaxStrength devotees have taken their exercise regimen online with the one-on-one trainers, and the experience has been amazing.

Take Janice Parham, who reports the sessions are much more than squats and lunges. In an email to Jeff, she says, “You have really helped keep my mood up and have reminded me of so many things: What is important (family, friends, health); why we need to stay healthy (so I can play with my grandchildren and be part of their lives for a long time) and to keep an open mind and try new things (exercise via Zoom, turn off electronics, remember to write down or at least say what you are thankful for) and more—so much more. Thank you for all that you do.”

Going Above and Beyond CDC Guidelines
Jeff says his studios have always maintained the cleanliness of a medical facility. And with the reopening coming, they’ve ramped up their efforts even more.

“We’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure everyone’s safety by utilizing The Germ Free Company, providing personal protective equipment (gloves and masks), continuous disinfecting of the equipment and common areas, installation of MERVE 13 air filters, purchase of HEPA air filters to be used inside the facilities, not to mention our already clinically controlled environment,” he says.

Studio protocols will change as soon as they open, too. For instance, clients will be asked to wait in the parking lot until called to enter the facility to limit the number of people in the common areas and the training facility.

“We’ll also be running daily wellness checks on our staff to make sure they are symptom-free,” says Jeff.

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby. Just call 440-226-8080 or in Westlake, located at 2211 Crocker Road, Suite 120, in Westlake, call 440-835-9090. visit for more information, or to view more testimonials.