Meet the Artist: Lauren Tatum, Bunny Paige

Heliotrope Spiked And Paved Heart Necklace Bracelet Bunny Paige Tag
As seen on the runway.

By Kelli Comer

Having creations on display for the masses at New York Fashion Week is a dream for many artists, but for local jewelry artist Lauren Tatum, creator of the edgy, rebellious, Bunny Paige brand, it is a jewelry obsession turned into reality.

“I’ve been making jewelry for myself my whole life, so designing jewelry to sell is just a natural extension of that,” Lauren explains. “I have an affinity for the rock-influenced alternative fashion scene of the ‘90s, but I’m also enamored by the classic vintage fashions from the ‘40s through the ‘60s.”

Founded in 2012, Bunny Paige started as a secret passion that Lauren spent her spare time creating. It has progressively evolved into a prosperous brand with an international cult following.


From weaving the Harlequin pattern for her Liberty Spike Headbands to resin casting the heart pendants from scratch, Lauren pours her heart and soul into making every detail as personal as possible.

“I love blending seemingly contradictory styles to create something that feels distinctly new and yet somehow nostalgic at the same time,” says Lauren. “I like to combine darker elements like spikes and skulls with softer elements, like crystals and hearts. Whether it’s the color story or the materials, I’m always looking for a sense of balance.”


Before the success of Bunny Paige, Lauren’s day-to-day consisted of a full-time career as a licensed insurance agent, with a degree in business and marketing. One day, she made the decision to quit her desk job and take off for a few months of international travel and adventure. Inspired by the street style, fashion, landscape and culture during her visits to Japan and South Korea, Lauren’s desire to create for a living was renewed.


“When I got home from my travels, I took the few hundred dollars I had left and bought the supplies and tools to create what would eventually become the Bunny Paige brand,” smiles Lauren.

In 2016, Lauren’s work was shown at Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week. In 2017, Bunny Paige was shown, displayed and sold at the same coveted event.


Talk about a “runway” success.

To reach Lauren, you can email her at or call 216-282-6463. Lauren’s creations can be found at the Bunny Paige studio, located in the 78th Street Studios, at 1305 West 80th Street, Suite 25, in Cleveland. Her work can also be found on her website, For regular updates, visit Bunny Paige Design on Facebook. Be sure to check out #BunnyPaige on social media platforms.

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