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Here’s how Christine Small transformed her body, with support and help from Vanek Plastic Surgery

What would it take to feel comfortable in your own skin? For Christine Small of Kirtland Hills, it was about getting back to the way she used to feel before she hit her 40s. “I was always...

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At Symphony at Mentor, caring for seniors is about creating an environment of peace

Being at peace with your decisions is a good feeling, especially when those decisions involve the health and welfare of loved ones. Coincidentally, peace was the word used most often by the...

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Mars Electric Lighting Center can take an ordinary room and make it high voltage

What does your dream house look like? Does it include a chef’s kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, maybe an outdoor entertainment area? Whether you’re planning your perfect home or already living...

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At the freshly anointed Marion’s Mediterranean Restaurant and Tapas Bar, Chef Marion Smith flexes his creative culinary muscle

If you ask Marion Smith what he does for a living, he’ll probably tell you he’s a dishwasher. And that would be fine, if it were true. This humble guy is, in fact, head chef of Marion’s...

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No matter where a person is on the aging spectrum, he or she has a home at Aberdeen Crossings

When you or a loved one are ready for assisted living, the options available are overwhelming. Before the decision on where to go is made, the most difficult question is often when to go. The right...

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