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Here’s how Dr. Paul Vanek, of Vanek Plastic Surgery, helps his patients discover the inner and outer confidence they always wanted

Summer is coming—a return to beaches and parties, bikinis and tiny drink umbrellas. But not everyone looks forward to the bikini part. Take Hillary L. of Hermitage, PA. This slim, gorgeous 40-something loved everything about hitting the beach with her husband and friends, from snorkeling to boating and hanging out. But one thing had...

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A new expansion is on a solid foundation at UH Parma Medical Center

A new era is beginning at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, where construction is underway on the largest project in more than three decades. A new president is engaging with patients and staff, and the highest possible quality rating in the country was awarded for a second consecutive year. Massive Surgery ExpansionResponding to an...

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Floor Coverings International of Mentor brings the showroom and more than 3,000 samples to you

When you think about it, flooring is the most-used element in your home. Your friends, your kids, your pets and anyone who steps foot or wheels into your place will do so via your floor. Thanks to innovations in game-changing design technology, flooring has come a long way, now promising imperviousness to water, wear and stains, while...

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Holiday stress-related hair shedding

The holidays are fast approaching and along with them come the joys of the season, like glad tidings, great food, and time spent with family and friends. One unforeseen effect of the holiday season is the added stress it can cause, and, for some individuals, this can lead to stress-related hair loss. According to the trichologists at Jeffrey...

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Seasonal hair shedding: Is this normal, or a sign that points to bigger problems?

Now that fall has arrived, so, too, has seasonal hair shedding. Seeing more hairs than normal on your hairbrush, on the bathroom floor or in the shower can leave the average man or woman in a bit of a panic. Is this kind of hair loss normal? Should you be concerned? According to the trichologists at Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists,...

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