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Navigating the right life insurance for your needs

With weddings and graduations aplenty, June could be called the month of new beginnings. And any new life trajectory should include a plan for life insurance. There are two primary life insurance options to consider, and which you choose will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. Term life insurance is an often-inexpensive way...

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Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off

Most people are familiar with term life insurance, but its often overlooked cousin, final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable. Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off. Many people purchase term life to cover things like support for a spouse or children. But it does have an end date, often...

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How long would you be able to make it financially and what would you do if you couldn’t work any longer?

It’s easy to forget about our need for health, dental and vision insurance until something forces us to think about it, like an annual check-up, an ache or pain, or even an injury or surgery. Now is a perfect time to take a minute to consider how we’re covered. We all know there are no guarantees in life, but during our prime working years...

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Don’t let a fear of the unknown health benefits stop you from living your dream

Some people hold tight to the dream of owning their own business, afraid to take the leap because they think matching the benefits package they enjoy with their current employer isn’t possible if they strike out on their own. Or they believe the huge cost of securing the benefits they need will put out their entrepreneurial fire. It’s a...

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Making the important decision about the future of your healthcare coverage

When it comes to retirement, many people have a carefully constructed financial plan solidly in place. They’re able to move on to this next stage of life confidently, knowing the funds they need to support themselves are enough to take them into their golden years. They’ve likely met with a financial planner, who, tapping into his or her...

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