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Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists: A full decade of butt jokes

“Hey, doc,” said my last new patient of the day. “Let me tell you, my hemorrhoids are a real pain in the butt.” “Ha, good one,” I laughed...for the sixth time that day. Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary as “the hemorrhoid place” in Northeast Ohio, I have seen and heard them all, from messages written in ink on the...

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Treating the "other" cavity

Hemorrhoids can be like a toothache. The pain might not be extreme at first, but it’s still bothersome. You treat the toothache with something like Tylenol, hoping the problem will somehow magically heal itself. Once the medication wears off, the toothache is still there, only now the nerve is throbbing and pressure around the...

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Going roidless in 2017

As we shake the last of 2016 from our thoughts, many of us are putting the focus on making 2017 a year of change. Maybe your idea of change is to lose weight, quit smoking or become more organized. Maybe you want to pay more attention to your health, your wealth and your family. If you’re a hemorrhoid sufferer, I’d like to suggest...

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