Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping

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“We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate one-stop shop for anything and everything needed to beautify a home’s yard.” —Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping

Candyapple Nursery and Landscaping in Medina is a fully stocked nursery and garden center staffed by talented and award-winning landscaping designers with more than 70 years’ experience.

As a full-service plant and tree nursery, they put together a finished look that suits customers’ styles and is easy to maintain, including locally grown shrubs and flowers that thrive in Ohio’s climate, and bulk stone.

Within each landscape, they ensure continuous blooming—spring, summer and fall. To keep the yard looking pristine, Candyapple also maintains it with lawn mowing and fertilization services, tree trimming and pruning, irrigation systems, mulch and topsoil. They also offer snow removal.

Pools customized to your yard, your style
The company also specializes in top quality pools, both fiberglass and vinyl, that are customized to each yard and style. They can add splash pads, hot tubs and more. Choose from beachy shades, from coral blue to storm grey and reef blue, in tropical patterns.

They’ve installed hundreds of pools across northeast Ohio and can make recommendations to customers on what will fit best in their backyard. If there’s an architectural or elevation element to your yard, they can build a pool to fit perfectly within it.

All models of the fiberglass pools come with a lifetime warranty.

Vinyl pools come in inground, semi-inground and aboveground styles made from steel with vinyl lining. They can be customized in any shape, such as the shape of Ohio or Mickey Mouse.

For hardscaping, they offer:

  • patios
  • firepits and fireplaces
  • fountains and pond installation
  • outdoor lighting
  • fencing