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“We are passionate about the farm on which we’re located, the food that comes from it, and our desire to share that food with family, friends and beyond.” — Maggie Demko, chef and co-owner

Categories: Eastside Food & Dining

When looking for the freshest food and a unique dining experience, what if you could actually eat on the farm where your food is sourced? At Osso Farm Restaurant you do!

Located in the center of the 39-acre Flying W Farm, the family restaurant is surrounded by a greenhouse and herb garden, a dairy pasture and farmland with pigs, cows, turkeys, ducks, chickens and rabbits—all raised without hormones and antibiotics.

A la Carte & Prix Fixe Dinners
Open three days a week, Thursday and Friday night dinners feature our a la carte menu where diners choose from a selection of appetizers, entrees, premium sides, aged steak dinners and desserts. On Saturdays we offer a prix fixe six- to 10-course menu for an authentic farm-to-table dining experience that is rooted in traditional farmhouse fare.

Seasonality, sustainability and availability play a role in the weekly menus at this high-end restaurant. Items such as Wagyu Beef, Mangalitsa Chops, Ossabaw Charcuterie and Aged Cheeses appear on Chef Maggie Demko's all-from-scratch menu offerings at this fine dining restaurant.

Though we are much more than just a burger restaurant or steak restaurant, we would argue we have the best burger and steaks in town.

Live Music
With live music on Thurdays through Saturdays, Osso supports local musicians performing everything from country to bluegrass to rock music.