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Pay attention to family

With the holidays here, we look forward to gathering with family and friends we might not often see during the year. I hope people use this as a time to detect signs of hearing loss from those...

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The treatment for tinnitus

At some point in their lives, about one in five people will experience tinnitus. This perceived noise in the ears that doesn’t correspond to an external sound can be related to hearing loss or...

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Over-the-counter hearing aids

Recently, the FDA finalized a rule that allows people aged 18 or over, with a perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, to buy over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids directly without being seen by a...

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What causes hearing loss?

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. We strive to educate the community and spread awareness about hearing loss and the importance of seeking help. The average person waits seven to 10...

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How loud is too loud?

For decades, people have been telling teens to turn down their loud music. With the advent of earbuds and headphones, many parents are wondering if their children are keeping the noise at a safe...

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