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Chronic pain: Mind, body, spirit

By definition, chronic pain is a significant discomfort you have lived with for a long time, often resulting in countless doctor visits over the years as well as dozens of treatments. In the...

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Does your doctor have time to listen?

Being in chronic pain is emotionally exhausting. Effective pain management requires addressing not only the physical aspects of pain, but the emotional ones, too. This means doctor and patient...

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Muscle pain flares and how to avoid them

A muscle pain flare is an exacerbation of what may already be minor pain. People use various timeframes for what is considered to be a “flare,” but it is often several weeks of the symptoms...

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Infrared laser therapy for chronic pain

There is increasing interest in using light therapy to treat many conditions, including skin ailments, chronic inflammation and pain, and for increased healing after surgery or injury. Too many...

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8 tenets of integrative treatment

At Advanced MMC, the following eight core tenets help us create successful integrative treatment plans for our patients with chronic pain: 1. Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing...

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