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Rising from feelings of defeat and pain

One of the questions many of our patients ask is why we chose the Phoenix for our logo. As most people know, this mythological bird regularly bursts into flame and is reborn from the ashes. It’s...

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Using ultrasound to demystify chronic pain

When trying to diagnose musculoskeletal pain, doctors may order an MRI or a CT scan, which often do not reveal the true problem. That’s because these are non-dynamic tests, meaning they do not...

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Help your brain reinterpret pain

When it comes to managing chronic pain, we often focus only on the anatomical. We want a diagnosis; we want to know what’s wrong; we want to fix it with a pill, an injection or even...

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This is not your typical doctor visit

In the traditional medical model, physicians spend the day going from exam room to exam room dedicating just a few minutes to each patient. That may work when you have an infection and need an...

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Shift your mindset to relieve pain

The ancient foundation of pain is to remove ourselves from dangerous stimuli. Place your hand on a hot stove and your brain will send a signal to immediately pull it away without you even thinking...

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