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Live life your way at K. Hovnanian’s new Cooper’s Landing development, which offers single-family detached homes with a limited-maintenance lifestyle

My wife and I are turning 60 this year and our “hobby” is gardening. I put “hobby” in quotation marks because it hardly seems like one anymore. It’s beginning to feel forced upon us. The...

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A Final Thought: Happiness Is An Empty Soup Can

If you’re a regular reader of this column, let me recommend a couple of more: My wife recently introduced me to Sean Dietrich’s “Sean of the South” blog. He writes about Southern culture in...

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If you have a clogged gutter, call The Gutter Boys, who are trained in ladder safety and use them every day

Last week, looking out of our upstairs bedroom window, I noticed a large hole at the top of one of the columns on the front of our brick Georgian home. (Yeah, “brick Georgian” sounds like we...

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Add 5-15 years to the life of your roof with an environmentally safe Roof Renew application from Pristine Clean

Besides the four walls, one thing all homes have in common is a roof, and over the millennia we’ve tried just about every roofing material to help keep our heads dry—from thatch and animal...

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A Final Thought: Lining Up For Government Cheese

In the early 1980s, the media discovered that the federal government was storing millions of pounds of surplus cheese at a time when many people were experiencing food insecurity. As a result,...

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