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A Final Thought: Science and Sweet Corn

As an English major, I sometimes regret not learning more about science, so I read a lot about the sciences and listen to science-themed podcasts. Here are a few things I learned about the nature...

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Once the winter snows melt, it’s going to be a busy roofing season for Roofsmith Restoration

Spring is the ideal time to replace your roof, especially after the single-digit temperatures Northeast Ohio experienced in February. Ice dams—and other problems associated with the...

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A Final Thought: Traveling Back In Time

Last week a friend asked me what I would do if I could travel back in time—one time and one time only. Where would I go? What would I choose to see? I know enough about “the Butterfly...

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Proper Access can give you blazing fast WiFi in every room in your house and every corner of your property, with a hack-proof guarantee

You know the scenarios: You’re binge watching your favorite show on Netflix when the screen suddenly goes black and the buffering wheel appears; or your Zoom meeting freezes with the warning,...

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A Final Thought: My Battle with Covid-19

On Friday, November 6, I sat outside by my firepit with a couple of neighbors until well into the evening. On Saturday morning I woke up foggy, tired and a little congested. I assumed it was from...

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