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A Final Thought: The Perils of Quicksand

I saw a meme recently that read: “Quicksand turned out to be less of a problem than I thought it was going to be.” That resonated with me because as a kid quicksand was everywhere. It was in...

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Tip Letdara’s new nail salon in Fairlawn is the culmination of a mother’s dream

When you meet Tip Letdara, it’s natural to assume her name is a nickname derived from her career as a nail technician. But “Tip” doesn’t come from “fingertip” or “nail tip.” Rather,...

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Reconnecting at home in a gorgeous outdoor retreat, in your own backyard from Exscape Designs

With so many families staying at home this summer, outdoor design/build projects have become extremely popular. These include patios, pavilions, brick walkways, stone retaining walls, firepits,...

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Home maintenance: Protecting your concrete

If freezing temperatures arrived politely on December 21 and left all at once before St. Patrick’s Day, you probably wouldn’t need to clean and seal your driveway. But that’s not how Jack...

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A Final Thought: That Just Ain’t Normal

My regular monthly column did not appear in the July 16 edition of Mimi. The bean counters decided we needed to cut costs by eliminating some unpaid content, thereby reducing page counts and...

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