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Who’s looking after your insurance coverage?

When was the last time your insurance agent really looked at your insurance coverage? Sometimes you’ve been with a carrier for so long things happen automatically, like increases in premiums, and...

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Maverick Insurance Group explains why an independent agent is better

Scott Andrew Mills It’s time to answer important questions about working with an independent insurance agency like Maverick Insurance. Q: Do I have access to insurance carriers that you...

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Scott Andrew Mills from Maverick Insurance Group answers the question "Does my insurance cover this?"

Does my insurance cover this? That’s a question we hear very often at Maverick Insurance Group. And the answer is pretty simple. For a claim to be covered, whether automobile or home, it has to be...

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Maverick Insurance Group helps you stay prepared with premiums on the rise

The rise in your insurance premiums isn’t always related to the number of claims you’ve made. Premiums are rising because of the severity and frequency of all claims, not just yours. Scott...

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Maverick Insurance Group says plan ahead: Before you rent a car, do this

Should I buy the rental car property insurance? It’s a question we hear a lot at the Maverick Insurance Group. I always buy it and I think you should, too, with one exception. If you spend...

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