ABC Equipment Rental & Sales helps local contractors finish every job safely, efficiently, on budget and on time

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Although the team at ABC does rent lawn and garden equipment to homeowners, they specialize in helping contractors. And these days, professional contractors have four goals: to do every job safely, efficiently, on budget and on time. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mitch Allen

My wife and I were blessed with two beautiful daughters who are now in their early thirties. They in turn have blessed us with two active, healthy grandsons, ages 2 and 3. Having no experience with little boys, I am shocked at how much they like heavy equipment, including trucks, trains and any type of construction equipment. In fact, my youngest grandson’s first word wasn’t mommy or daddy or cookie.

It was “bulldozer.”

That’s why I’m jealous of Alan Zatik (pronounced ZAY-tic). He’s the founder and co-owner of ABC Equipment Rental & Sales along with Jamie Terpay. Alan is surrounded all day by heavy equipment and can take his grandchildren for rides in the parking lot anytime he wants—on dozers and backhoes, forklifts and skid steers.

Yep, he’s a lucky man.

By the way, ABC Equipment Rental & Sales—located in Brunswick and Avon—doesn’t rent tables, chairs and tents. That would be Alan’s family members over at ABC Rental Center. So if you want to hold a wedding in your backyard, call them; if you want help with a home remodeling project, call Jamie and Alan.

The Contractor’s Best Friend
Although the team at ABC does rent lawn and garden equipment to homeowners, they specialize in helping contractors. And these days, professional contractors have four goals: to do every job safely, efficiently, on budget and on time.

“Contractors want to be profitable, completing each job safely and on schedule,” Alan adds.

“Every job has a deadline. You want to finish in 60-90 days and get out of there. You don’t want people dilly-dallying on the jobsite. You have a deadline. So, put the ladders away and rent two 60-foot aerial platform lifts so you can work both sides of the job. You’ll also need a forklift to get the material where it needs to be.”

Alan says that aerial platform lifts are ABC’s number one rental item, growing tremendously in the past 15-20 years.

“It’s because of safety and efficiency,” he says. “You can do five times the work compared to ladders or scaffolding. Aerial platform lifts, mobile platforms and booms are the top assets on the jobsite, especially with today’s labor shortage.”

ABC sells and/or rents top-quality brands, like Kubota, Genie, JLG, Skyjack, Wacker, Solar-Tech, Towmaster, Stihl, Honda, Mustang, Gehl, and more. With over 60 years of combined experience, Alan and Jamie know which brands work—and which don’t. They are especially proud to be a Kubota dealer, offering construction equipment like skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders, RTVs and rubber track loaders.

“We only offer heavy duty equipment,” Alan says. “We don’t carry brands that are less than commercial quality. So even if you’re a homeowner, you know you’re getting commercial quality.”

ABC’s clients include some of the area’s top contractors and municipalities. “City services managers count on us because they know we have the toughest equipment,” Alan says. “That’s important because they use it every day.”

High-Quality Maintenance
The staff at ABC has been trained to take incredibly good care of their equipment. In fact, there’s a myth out there that you don’t want to buy used equipment from a rental store because it’s been treated poorly.

However, the opposite is true.

“We’re actually the best place to buy used equipment because we properly maintain it,” Alan assures.

“We re-grease our equipment with every rental and we change the oil every 250 hours instead of the 500 suggested by the manufacturer. We go above and beyond the standards for our industry.”

That’s not just Alan’s opinion. ABC Equipment Rental & Sales has won an Award of Excellence from American Rental Association, which recognizes companies that are improving the industry’s image. ABC was tapped for the award based on the professionalism of its staff as well as the store’s layout, quality and appearance.

“Let’s face it,” Alan says, “some rental places are virtual junkyards—messy, unorganized, dirty, with ill-maintained equipment. That’s just not us.”

Everything You Need
ABC Equipment Rental & Sales in Brunswick and Avon does not carry tents, tables and chairs, but they do offer everything local contractors need to get the job done safely, professionally and on schedule. Equipment for sale or rent includes:

  • Aerial Platform Lifts
  • Air Compressors
  • Augers & Bits
  • Breaker Rental
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Diamond Blades
  • Dollies
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Fans & Dehumidifiers
  • Floor Care Equipment
  • Floor Grinders
  • Forklifts
  • Generators
  • Heaters
  • Hydraulic Tools
  • Jacks
  • Landscaping (Lawn-Garden)
  • Levels & Transit Tools
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Plumbing & Sewer Equipment
  • Pressure Washers
  • Saws
  • Sign And Arrow Boards
  • Trenchers
  • Welders
  • and much more

Easy Financing
Because ABC is locally owned and completely independent, they’re flexible, able to change things for the benefit of the client and get them their equipment faster. Plus, their inventory is “live” as soon as it’s put out in rental, which means it’s also for sale. In many cases, a portion of your rental can apply to an eventual purchase, with pre-agreed-upon terms.

In addition, ABC works with local banks to help you get financed and most manufacturers offer their own financing, including Kubota. Right now, you can get 0% interest for 48 months on all Kubota construction equipment.

“People are often surprised by how much financing they can get,” says Alan, who even offers a charge account for regular clients.

Buying now is also smart because 2019 prices are going to be higher due to steel tariffs, interest rate hikes and rising freight costs related to a scarcity of trucks and drivers.

But there’s even a better reason to buy now; it’s called Section 179.

Section 179
Section 179* of the United States Internal Revenue Code allows you to write off equipment purchases up to $1 million in 2018 instead of depreciating the expense over time. This means huge tax savings immediately on equipment you need right now.

For example, if you purchase, say, a rough terrain forklift for $75,000 and put it into service before December 31, 2018, you can deduct the full purchase price on your company’s 2018 taxes. Assuming a tax rate of 35%, you save $26,250. That means the $75,000 piece of equipment actually cost you only $48,750.

Surprisingly, the Section 179 election includes certain used equipment, too.

The equipment your business needs may or may not qualify, so please consult your tax adviser before relying on any purchase to qualify. There is plenty of inventory available right now at both of ABC’s locations—in Brunswick and in Avon.

*See your accountant for complete details regarding Section 179.

Special Offer
For a limited time, ABC Equipment Rental & Sales is offering a free bucket with a Kubota skid steer or excavator (up to $1,300 value) or get up to $500 in accessories with the purchase of a Kubota Utility Vehicle.

Tell them my grandsons sent you.

ABC Equipment Rental & Sales has two locations: 29 Pearl Road in Brunswick (corner of Boston & Pearl), 330-220-4545; and at 38525 Chester Road in Avon (corner of Route 90 & Route 611), 440-934-7368. For more information, visit