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Jackie Klemenc is offering the best deals on travel—right now

If peeking out the window to a bleak and dreary winterscape is giving you a toxic dose of cabin fever, I have the ultimate antidote: planning an escape to sunnier locales. There’s a reason why National Plan a Vacation Day falls on Tuesday, January 30. Now’s an excellent time to plot your future getaway and get the best deals of the...

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Discover a bustling world beneath winter’s blanket at Lake Metroparks Farmpark, where life on the farm proves to be a hotbed of activity even during hibernation season

Though we may be in prime hibernation season, it turns out life on a farm in winter is actually a hotbed of goings-on. Mimi caught up with Steve Ohmes, assistant administrator of Lake Metroparks Farmpark for a fascinating glimpse. “To the non-farming population, it may look like not much happens on a farm from winter to spring, but nothing...

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Cleveland Celtic Ensemble comes to Medina

Back in Ireland, the recognition of St. Patrick’s Day didn’t come into prominence until the 20th century and was customarily celebrated with cozy gatherings of friends and traditional Irish music. (Despite popular belief, the Irish do not actually eat corned beef and cabbage, nor will you find any river in Ireland dyed green. And the drinking...

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With duckpin bowling, billiards, bocce, cornhole, classic video games, indoor electric go-karts, delicious food and a lot more, Medina’s Foundry Social has become a regional destination for fun-filled parties and events

With more than 60,000 square feet of gaming, bar and restaurant space, a brewery and an indoor raceway for electric go-karts—Foundry Social has become destination central for corporate events and private gatherings. Tucked away down a side street, steps from Medina Square, what was once an actual circa 1871 foundry has been reimagined...

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Shaw JCC are helping members establish a path to wellness success

Another year, another fitness plan. Should you join a gym? Invest in the latest workout equipment? Hire a personal trainer? Find a workout class? It’s a decision that seems to come around like clockwork this time of year. But why not make the choice that gives you all those options plus so much more for you and your whole family, all under one...

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