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The City of Green’s eight 5K races (and fun walks) are attracting participants from around the region

The City of Green is making it easy for walkers and runners from all over the region to participate in eight different races held within the city. It’s the Green Great Eight Race Series, a collaboration between eight races that benefit local nonprofits. Last year the series raised more than $150,000 and involved 3,500 runners and...

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Grab a ticket, lend your support, and maybe take home a fabulous prize for the fifth annual Maple Splash Raffle, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Burton Middlefield

Since 1951, the Rotary Club of Burton Middlefield (RBM) has been serving the need of veterans, disabled members of the community, the homeless, women, children and others in need. The list of organizations and projects RBM has supported is long and continuing these good works takes money. With the help of many sponsors, RBM also works to raise...

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The perfect way to celebrate the end of summer

To celebrate 25 years of cruises, Disney is pulling out all the stops this year with its Silver Anniversary at Sea Cruises. My agency is offering special activities for one of the cruises on Disney’s newest ship, The Wish, Friday through Monday, September 8-11, 2023. Whether you’d like an easy getaway that doesn’t interfere much with...

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Budding Bobcats

Last July, Lake Metroparks Kevin P. Clinton Wildlife Center welcomed two new residents—bobcat kittens—a boy and a girl who had been orphaned and rescued in southern Ohio. Since then, they have thrived in a special wildlife enclosure—one of just a couple in the state—that’s equipped to mimic natural habitat conditions...

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2023 Champs!

Two years. Two regional titles. One national championship. Founded in 2021 by GM George Phillips, our beloved Burning River Buckets, Lake County’s pro team in the American Basketball Association, won the regional championship in 2022, and became national 2023 co-champions two weeks ago. “We made a big promise to the people of Lake...

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