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Meet the Artist: Angela Oster

Local artist Angela Oster finds delight in the wonderfully weird. She brings her vision to life with the delicate monsters, ornery oddities and wide-eyed weirdies that grace the photos of her...

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In an effort to make yoga accessible to all, Evan Scharfeld has changed the way people immerse themselves at Cultivate Yoga Space

For many people across the world, 2020 became the year of the pivot. The fortitude to do so was especially vital for local businesses that had to reconsider their practices when the Covid-19...

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Meet the Artist: Dawn Tekler

For local artist Dawn Tekler, the muses of her masterpieces come in the form of industrial steel mills found along the Cuyahoga River and the flora and fauna of Lake Erie. As an avid paddleboarder,...

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Meet the Artist: Karin Dijkstra

In a world that has seen more lows than highs recently, it can be a reflective and refreshing experience to take a step back from “adulting” and try to see the world in its magical state through...

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Serving veterans for 25 years

In partnership with the Lake County Veterans Service Commission and Lake County Board of Commissioners, Laketran has operated a special Veterans Medical Transportation service for 25 years, ensuring...

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