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Meet the Artist: Arabella Proffer

Cleveland-based painter Arabella Proffer isn’t one to let adversity slow her down or dampen her spirits. In the summer of 2020, a decade after she was first diagnosed, she found out that her...

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The Akron Arts Expo returns for the 2021 summer season, July 24-25

Northeast Ohioans are looking forward to a fun and vibrant summer ahead with the return of outdoor events that the warmer weather brings. The Akron Arts Expo, a beloved local event celebrating its...

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Meet the Artist: Ryan Drost

Local comic book author Ryan Drost combined his two greatest loves to bring to life Stealth Hammer, a superhero inspired by his wife, Jami, and his deep love for the comic book genre. “Jami is...

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Meet the Artist: Sequoia Bostick

A story is typically told orally or through the written word, but it takes an exceptional kind of talent to bring stories to life through illustration. Local illustrator, maker and designer Sequoia...

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Meet the Artist: Kate Kisicki

We all see the world in a different way. The way local artist Kate Kisicki brings her view of the world to life by using bold, effervescent color is sure to make you take notice. Deeply inspired...

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