Bubbles-N-Biscuits Mobile Pet Grooming’s business model was set up for social distancing

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Bubbles-N-Biscuits Mobile Pet Grooming brings the bath and professional grooming to you.

By Laura Briedis

Bubbles-N-Biscuits Mobile Pet Grooming’s business model was set up for social distancing—before that was even a thing.

The groomer pulls up to your home in an ultramodern van converted into a grooming salon, bringing the suds to you so your furry friend never has to leave its home. And, most importantly, both you and your pet are not exposed to any other people or animals because you don’t have to go to a public place.

“We have minimal contact with pet owners, as we take the leash and lead the animal into the van for personal grooming,” says owner Kristi Holzman. “Pets enjoy the one-on-one attention they get from the groomer. They always get the same groomer so they become familiar with each other.”

In business since 2006, the company has added a fourth van to accommodate all of its clients. The units, which are self-contained with their own water supply and electricity, have a super suds massage system for bathing and a hydraulic table. What you will not find are any cages. “We don’t use cage dryers, as we hand dry all pets with high velocity dryers,” says Kristi, noting they sanitize all equipment, including the leashes, after every use.

Based in Medina, the mobile pet groomers travel throughout Cuyahoga, Lorain, Summit and Medina counties to bring pet grooming to your front door. Depending on the breed, the grooming takes one to two hours and includes a bath, clip and nail trim.

“With dog groomers being shut down this spring during the pandemic, many dogs are in need of grooming and we are working hard to accommodate our regular clients, as well as new clients,” says Kristi.

Bubbles-N-Biscuits can handle any pet from a toy poodle to large dog breeds up to 75 pounds.

“We also groom lots of cats because nobody wants to bring their cat to a grooming shop filled with barking dogs,” says Kristi. “With everyone settling into a new normal, our mobile pet grooming service has never been more convenient.”

To make an appointment, call or text 440-458-4006. Hours are Monday-Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Prices start at $75. For more information, visit BubblesNBiscuits.com.