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Should you go on Medicare?

Not only are people living longer these days, they’re also working longer. Whether stemming from a desire to stay active and engaged, or out of financial necessity, more and more people over the age of 65 are choosing to remain in the workforce. And while continuing to work, they’re also taking part in their employer-sponsored benefits...

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HRAs and employee coverage

Depending on the competitive nature of the industry, group benefits might be best for some companies while for others a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is the right fit. And with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent each year on health benefits, it pays to carve out a little time to determine which is right for your business and...

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Starting in 2020, plans F and C will no longer be available for new Medicare Supplemental Insurance enrollees

There are changes happening with Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that are worth taking a closer look at. Medicare Supplemental plans work alongside Original Medicare to help fill in the gaps for costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These plans are standardized with letters A-N, and the cost varies by carrier and benefit level...

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Securing affordable healthcare coverage for you and your spouse

I see it all the time. One spouse is over age 65 and the other isn’t. The person eligible to retire doesn’t because he thinks that continuing to work is the only way to provide benefits for his spouse. He thinks he can’t afford to provide healthcare coverage for her, or that because she has a preexisting condition there are no other...

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Affordable employee benefits

In the coming months, many group health plans will come up for renewal, so now is a good time to take a look at where you and your employees stand. If you offer employee benefits, you already know that offering health coverage can mean the difference between retaining quality employees and having them jump ship to look for better employment...

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