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Medicare is changing, let Carl Lishing of HealthMarkets fill you on the removal of plans F and C

There are changes happening with Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that are worth taking a closer look at. Medicare Supplemental plans work alongside Original Medicare to help fill in the gaps for costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These plans are standardized with letters A-N, and the cost varies by carrier and benefit level...

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Health coverage for cancer is possible

Cancer can be costly and not everyone is prepared for it. I’m thinking of a friend who is a colon cancer survivor. While she was in treatment, the bills piled up. Even with the best health insurance plan, a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can put a significant financial strain on a person’s wallet—and add further stress to...

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Are you on Medicare and still working?

If you’re still working but have reached the age of 65, does it make better sense to stay on your employer-sponsored health plan or make the move to Medicare? Yes, no, and maybe. See, it all depends on what your individual circumstances are. Most people think that because they’re still in the working world, they should remain on...

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