Choice Cabinet is currently matching the price of any competitor’s similarly constructed cabinet, and knocking off an additional 10 percent

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Quality solid wood cabinets priced less than box store particleboard? Yes—and you’ll find them at Choice Cabinet. Pictured above in the new showroom are designers Claudine DiSanto, left, and Tina Figueroa. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

Claudine DiSanto has spent much of her life in the kitchen.

“I am 100 percent Italian, so I grew up in a kitchen full of people,” she says. “One thing I’ve known all my life is that a kitchen has to be functional. It can’t simply look good. There has to be a rhyme and reason for everything, or it just doesn’t work.”

Claudine’s passion for a properly functioning kitchen is evident in the designs she creates for clients at Choice Cabinet’s new showroom in Warrensville Heights.

Because Choice Cabinet stocks more than 50,000 cabinets in its new Bedford warehouse, delivery time on a new order is typically just a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks.

The locally-based, family-owned company manufactures cabinets from the thickest wood in the industry and distributes them throughout the United States and Canada. But people in Northeast Ohio have two big hometown advantages.

First, because Choice Cabinet stocks more than 50,000 cabinets in its new Bedford warehouse, delivery time on a new order is typically just a couple days instead of a couple weeks.

Second, the local showroom features professional design services offered by skilled designers Claudine and Tina Figueroa—at no extra charge.

Professional kitchen and bathroom design services are available at Choice Cabinet free of charge. The new showroom features life-size vignettes with a variety of cabinet styles and finishes.

“Using our designing software, which incorporates the full Choice Cabinet catalog, we can show you exactly what your new kitchen will look like before it’s installed,” Tina explains. “Using a customer’s measurements and photos, we can create their walls, their appliances and their new cabinets and countertops right on the computer screen.”

The end product is a custom designed kitchen that perfectly utilizes rugged and beautiful Choice cabinets.

The key to a spectacular kitchen, Claudine and Tina agree, is how it functions.

“It can look wonderful, but if it doesn’t function the way you need it to function, you’re going to regret it,” Claudine cautions. “That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients. Everybody has different needs. We talk about their lifestyle and how exactly they will be using their space. Then we design the kitchen to conform to them.”

Choice Cabinet is one of the few companies that provides a limited lifetime warranty on its cabinetry.

To be sure that you get your designer’s undivided attention, appointments are strongly encouraged.

“We ask clients to bring in measurements, photos and their ideas about what they would like in their new kitchen,” Tina says. “After our meeting, we get to work on creating a design. After we present the 3D design to them, we make any necessary revisions. Finally, we visit their home to verify all the measurements so that every cabinet will be a perfect fit. It’s all included in the price of your cabinets.”

Both Claudine and Tina express a passion for fabulous kitchens.

After graduating from Kent State University with a degree in interior design, Claudine has spent almost 20 years concentrating on kitchen design—the past nine with Choice Cabinet.

“I started off in interior design, but I switched back to what I’ve always known best,” she says. “When I started, we were hand drafting custom kitchens. We didn’t have the elaborate software we have today. Through the years, I’ve continued to educate myself about the latest trends and how to optimize space.”

Tina, who also went to school for interior design, joined Choice Cabinet in September 2018 after accumulating 13 years of experience designing kitchens.

“I love the personal experience of working with customers,” she says. “The kitchen is really the heart of the home, and people are putting a lot of trust in us to create their major projects.”

Those relationships often become friendships, Tina and Claudine say.

“I have customers who I worked with before I came to Choice Cabinet,” Claudine says. “They’ve tracked me down. I get Christmas cards from some of my clients.”

One of the easiest parts of their job, Tina and Claudine say, is comparing the quality of the Choice Cabinet brand against other manufacturers. That’s because nearly all other cabinets you’ll find at the Choice Cabinet price point will be made from particleboard—and not particularly sturdy, explains Tony Laurinaitis, the founder of the company.

“Our cabinets are built like tanks,” Tony says. “They are made from the thickest wood in the industry. That’s why we are one of the few companies that provides a limited lifetime warranty. When we started the company, we were one of the first to develop all-wood cabinets with high-end custom features at prices that give the big box stores a run for their money. High quality and quick availability at affordable prices is our secret sauce.”

The new Choice Cabinet showroom opened in September 2019.

That formula has been so successful that Choice Cabinet last year outgrew its previous showroom and warehouses in Bedford Heights. The new showroom opened in September. It features many brand new door styles—and just last month added a brand new line of stone countertops.

“The professional design service that we offer is another important part of the Choice Cabinet experience,” assures Jessica Ricard, product and quality manager, and Tony’s daughter.

“And,” she continues, “as an extra bonus, we are currently matching the price of any competitor’s similarly constructed cabinet – plus knocking off an additional 10 percent.”

You can start your new kitchen or bath project by scheduling a design appointment with Claudine or Tina, at 216-378-2828. Choice Cabinet’s new showroom, located at 4856 Richmond Road, in Warrensville Heights, is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You also can schedule an evening appointment. You can find more information by visiting

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