Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete offers epoxy solutions for repairing and covering concrete flooring

Cutting Edge 420
Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete offers coatings for residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors. Shown is Skin Deep Spa in Strongsville.

By Beth Newcomb

No matter if it’s parked under a conveyor belt at the Nestle plant, beneath a dining table at the Hard Rock Casino, or in a residential basement or garage, just about every person (and every business) has a concrete floor.

How you choose to cover your concrete can mean the difference between it having a limited lifespan and a long one. “We offer epoxy coatings for every environment, every application and every budget,” says Greg Mata, owner of Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete, the Richfield-based company he founded 26 years ago.

It’s worth noting that Cutting Edge has coated concrete floors for a huge variety of recognizable businesses (the two above included), as well as hundreds of residential garage and basement floors.

“Anything can be done, from simple repair work to a beautiful, marble-like representation,” Greg says. “We’ll treat your garage with the same integrity and attention to detail we’d give to a million-dollar business. Every customer is a VIP.”

This dedication to service is exactly why Cutting Edge has endured as one of the area’s most respected concrete and epoxy coating companies. Mastering the best practices in the industry is another.

“All of our epoxy coatings are made in the United States and are of the highest quality,” Greg says. “Our materials don’t just lay on top of the concrete. They harden and bond with the structural composition inside the concrete for an unmatched level of durability. Our surfaces are easier to maintain and they’ll look beautiful for years to come, guaranteed.”

The coatings applied by Cutting Edge create an impermeable barrier between the concrete and anything it can come in contact with. Cleanup is as easy as turning on the hose, or using a damp mop.

Project options are virtually limitless. Greg suggests customers email photos and approximate project dimensions. If you do that, you’ll enjoy an attractive discount.

“We can offer something exotic or creative that translates into a work of art, or keep it simple. Your concrete floor is your palette. Where you take it is up to you,” Greg says. “We offer options to fit every budget.”

For a virtual tour or to schedule an estimate, call 330-659-6686. Visit the Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete showroom at 4767 Brecksville Road in Richfield. For project ideas and inspiration, visit Showroom hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Saturday and evenings by appointment. Email