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Should you sell your home now, or wait until spring?

There’s a phenomenon in real estate that when the weather cools, so do home sales. People on the fence about whether to sell their home suspect that waiting for a brisker spring market is the smart play. And while that may have been shrewd in years past, with the current topsy-turvy market one thing is clear: all bets are off. To find...

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Burning River Buckets: A freshly minted basketball team has slam-dunked its way into Lake County

Hoops fans can rise to their feet for all the buzzer-beating, tip-off leading, high-stakes stealing action of professional basketball, coming soon to Lake County. The Burning River Buckets—a new expansion team of the American Basketball Association—will kick off its 2021-2022 20-game season on Saturday, November 6. All games will...

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The best way to choose a real estate agent isn’t by clicking a button online

When it comes to the internet, you just never know what’s lurking behind any given button you click on. Case in point are the buttons potential homebuyers see pop up when they are shopping online for homes on the market. They are found innocently enough on all the major real estate sites—you know which ones we mean—and say things...

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The raised S-curve: Not all micro-mesh gutter covers are the same

Designing and manufacturing a high-performance gutter guard is a balancing act between two essential goals: the system must 1) keep out debris and 2) maintain water flow. Too much of one can be a detriment to the other. With The Gutter Boys’ exclusive Valor Gutter Guard System, the unique raised S-curve feature is the secret to achieving a...

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Here’s a list of the best fall foliage vantage points in Lake County

According to the 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map, the peak leaf viewing in Northeast Ohio will be the week of October 18. There’s no time like the present to get out there and soak up all those breathtaking fall colors. Living up to its mission “to conserve and preserve the natural resources of Lake County,” while increasing public...

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