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If you’re experiencing one or more weight-related symptoms, now is the time to contact HealthyOne Weight Loss

When Mimi was a child in the 1950s, she had a number of great-aunts in their fifties and sixties who seemed very old. They were overweight and wore long cotton dresses wrapped with a kitchen apron. They sported cat eye glasses and kept their grey hair up in a bun. They didn’t walk much except to take the laundry in and out from the clothesline,...

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Downtown Willoughby businesses are virtually open and ready to serve you! But they need you to keep them going until they can open their doors once again. Please follow their Instagram & Facebook @shop.dtw to stay updated on new offers. Here’s what they’re offering now: Aware Marketplace4134 Erie St...

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Sewer Cleaning Company is saving the day with advanced videoscoping and cutting-edge equipment to find out what's in your sewer

The heavy spring rains and Ohio’s current stay-at-home order have combined to create a serious problem for home drain and sewer lines, causing an increased number of sewer backups and basement flooding. The heavy rains mean even a mild clog can prevent rain water from sufficiently draining away from our homes, and the stay-at-home order...

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Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning and Power Washing is a one-call source for a long list of home maintenance services

One of the problems with home improvement companies is that you need a thick Rolodex to keep up with them. That’s because most contractors do only one thing: you have to have the powering washing company, the window cleaning company, the gutter cleaning company… Or you could just have one. Rick Winrod, the founder of Rolling...

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Schedule a professional spring cleaning with Heavenly Touch Maids

Being stuck at home under Governor DeWine’s stay-at-home-order means our kitchens and bathrooms are seeing a lot more action, our floors are withstanding constant foot traffic, and dust is accumulating everywhere. It’s time for a good cleaning. And one of the best cleanings you can get is Heavenly Touch Maids’ “Mini-Spring...

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